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for A Hero's Heart

3/31 c11 megamasterblack6io
A finn simp eh? What can go wrong? I honestly don't like this finn at all. Typical hero. His personality is bad, and even if they break his heart he will continue to protect them. Man, what's the use of seeing for her, if that requires destroying yourself and your heart?
1/3/2018 c6 Oakley Pines
I always noticed something interesting about your stories, but now I know exactly what it is. You not only make a romantic story but you add in some action and actions that are very important to the story's development, and you don't forget them to focus on the romance either. Its amazing and extremely creative and extraordinary in my opinion.
1/3/2018 c2 Oakley Pines
I' getting I told the chapter, and I can tell that your taking your standard idea of Finn coming back from a certain amount of time very differently. Its very refreshing and creative. Im DYING to see how Finn
turns out.
4/12/2016 c11 Tatumn
Awesome ending Bro. I'm sorry if you are a girl I just call everyone Bro anyway can't wait to see what else you got. Never stop writing you have a gift
4/12/2016 c10 Tatumn
Awesomeness overload
4/12/2016 c9 Tatumn
4/12/2016 c8 Tatumn
Your lemons aren't bad their actually really good but it wouldn't hurt to practice. You should have added finn and PB's lemon.
9/7/2014 c11 6AnimagiPotter
Oh God Please be a Sequel! I bloody loved this!'' AMAAAAZIIIINGGGG
8/28/2014 c9 4MrJaffaJack
Good job on the sniping :)
8/13/2014 c11 fanficreviewer69
loved the story please tell me the name of the sequel when you write it and include some group sex in the sequel
7/4/2014 c4 Guest
Please add lemon scenes
7/4/2014 c11 42Atomsk the Pirate King
This is very good
6/26/2014 c11 4Gamelover41592
good fanfic let me know when the sequel is up
6/8/2014 c11 Dragonfang100
nice fic it felt a little rushed though but still a good fic
6/3/2014 c11 The Nephilim King Michael
Epic emotion humor and end to story xD

Loved it bro x)
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