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for I Li- Love you

4/12/2014 c1 SaturatedFat
Eska x Mistrene! /cheers/ \(0)/
I love this! This is very cute!
4/12/2014 c1 2Hinano Kinsuke
OMG dear! This is far beyond hilarious! I suppose Eska just had this newfound feeling of love towards Mistrene. Both of them feel the same way, I think. The "I li-love yous" suggest so, lol. xD

I love this so much, Nanami! You make me smile from ear to ear, my mouth could pop out off face anytime from now, or if not, my cheeks will melt!

And you know, I felt so relieved when Mistrene asked Eska why he didn't tell that he loves her a lil bit sooner. Phew. I thought Mistrene was gonna eat him or something, lol.

This is like, one of my OTPs. And I'd give TEN out of TEN for this fic!

Good job and thank you like a gazillion times, Nanami!

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