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for Fairy Tail: Omniverse Invasion

1/16 c29 SMG2
This has been really great and will wait for the new chapter to come out. Keep up the work and good luck!
1/6 c29 Matt
12/9/2020 c4 IAmInJuRyXD
Was that a Mulan Reference at the end there
11/11/2020 c1 7RenegadeForLife
This oc feels... really lame honestly. I'm kind of hoping they aren't going to be a major part of this story. Or even a small part. He's not the absolute cringiest oc I've ever seen but he's pretty high up there.
9/16/2020 c4 1PencilFace
Not a review. I just got a chuckle from the Mulan reference
7/23/2020 c29 Akashi1412
If there's no repercussions for D'arke even after this then it would be baffling especially Vilgax is the one he pissed off
7/23/2020 c26 Akashi1412
Vilgax choked Psyphon after he woke up but didn't do anything when D'arke make stupid comment. Favoritism is huge
7/23/2020 c19 Akashi1412
You successfully increase D'arke creepiness level not fearsomeness mind you he's just being creep
7/23/2020 c9 Akashi1412
Seems you either downgrading Ben's Alien here or Upping Jose I don't know which but still bug me either way
7/20/2020 c29 SalvaShark
I think this is a great story but have you thought about including reboot and other known aliens like shock rock, slapback, Overflow, squidstrictor, rocks, etc
7/6/2020 c10 kingkoopa171
love the transformers reference on page 10 if I'm right and your wrong I just figured it out
6/3/2020 c29 3Taranodongirl1
5/23/2020 c1 kesyeahh
Will you continue this story?
3/22/2020 c29 Guest
3/18/2020 c29 Guest
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