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8/22 c491 20CharmGirlLove
XD Aww no comment on how Gray’s family reunion with Lyon almost revived a giant demon?
8/20 c4 Carla the wizard
Happy sweetie you scare me (o-o)

(Poor Natsu TWT )
8/20 c3 Carla the wizard
It was cause if this chapter I started to watch Big Bang theory XD

Natsu's eyes softened as he studied the miserable expression on Lucy's face. It had only been a few days since they discovered that her father had died. Died, waiting for her. "Oh, Luce," he murmured sympathetically.

Lucy was oblivious to the empathy coming from Natsu. Her face rapidly changed to a gleeful one as the alcohol she had been drinking put an idea in her head. "Ne, ne, Natsu," she said excitedly. "What would it take for you to buy a bottle of hooch, take me to the nearest hotel, and have your way with me?"

Natsu's jaw dropped to the floor and he may have turned into a statue. No one was quite sure as Erza's face turned a brilliant red that matched her hair and Gray burst out laughing.

"Yes Natsu," he smirked, "what would it take?"

8/20 c2 Carla the wizard
Ah yes my favourite gxg ship Luli~

This was so cute and so funny XD !

Love wingman/woman Mira
8/20 c1 Carla the wizard
Meanwhile theirs me who gonna reread this whole story of chapter again~ XD

Awww this was so cute , love brotp and otp pairings !
8/5 c1 Artimuos Sen
Do a chapter about how Freed is actually a Exceed of Laxus because he can fly and always sticks with him.
8/3 c558 1Rose-MaxareBadass
hey im so sorry to do this. but i did notice that you had updated this story fairly recently, and i know its a long shot, but do you have copies of the family reads the mediator books for the last two? i tried the way back but unfortunately it only saved four chapters of them reading haunted. i remeber you emailed me them years ago when they got taken down but i can't find them anywhere
if you have them i would love to read them, if not obviously dont worry
o, happy to see that you're still writting! let me know if you have anywhere else i could follow you
7/21 c17 03051999
srsly, love this fic(and your mlb fics too). i need another version for everyone invade lucy's home where members of other guild or other characters outside of fairy tail guild are invading her house.
7/15 c550 Guest
Could you write a chapter about the Gender Bent version of the filler arc where the spirits are cursed? Specifically how Luca might break the curse on Aquarius?
5/15 c558 Carla the wizard
If you are doing request or looking for prompts maybe a POV in Natsu mind . Like when Ingeel disappearances , Lisanna death , how he meets Lucy and why is he so attached to her ? (Is it cause of Anna , Ingeel maybe or even Lisanna or maybe she Reminds him of his mum ~ ) (since their is a saying boys do get attached to girls who look or remind them of their mums)

From the beginning to ending maybe ? Just an idea that and it would be fun to look through Natsu head/POV since Hiro rarely does that anymore ?

If not no worries !
5/15 c550 StarXxmoon
I’m not crying I just got some dust in my eyes

Her precious prodigy of a son did something incredibly beautiful when he outright refused to let Leo die and instinctively tapped into that long forgotten celestial magic that no Heartfilla had tapped into since the days of Anna (the loss of the celestial clans and their grimoires filled with celestial knowledge and spells will always gnaw at Aquarius) and summoned the King to demand mercy on Leo's behalf .

Do you think you would do a chapter /story on celestial magic ? Cause their so much we don’t know their magic and the potential it has it’s amazing

Same with this

If she recalled correctly Anna Heartfilla had mastered a couple of the Star Dresses as did her daughter. It was another facet of celestial magic that got lost as the clans died out and the keys were scattered into the palms of the fake celestial mages, the ones who merely had the gift of holder magic rather than descended from a celestial bloodline. It didn't surprise her one whit though that Luca was reviving the old gifts once more, she always knew her boy had been special.

It would be interesting to see more of this maybe in Anna point of view or the spirits , like how did the clans die out ? Also who did Anna marry ? Since we don’t know much about her ?
5/13 c558 Carla the wizard
Nah, you didn't," Gajeel shook his head, "you did it for yourself because you wanted to be a better person and all that shit. You wanted to have friends, like Bunny Girl, and to sit in the sunshine proud of who you are."

Gajeel speaking facts :D

Also no offence Gray but you were just asking for a bruisen at this point .

Love that we got some cute brotp for Gajeel and juvia (also I agree with the females Turing evil , no one will be able to defeat them !)

Can’t wait to see what else you come up with ! UWU

(Also have you read Eden’s zero? It’s really good the anime on Netflix and the manga is amazing (artwork , plot , fights scenes all amazing also your gonna love the characters as well )
5/13 c557 Carla the wizard
Awww I miss reading those ! (Surprised Natsu didn’t say anything about ghost lol )

Ok but this moment ..
(but she did make sure to swipe the purse full of their reward money from Mr Boocock's hand before they left. After all she was a professional and she needed the rent money.)

Makes me so proud ~
5/13 c556 Carla the wizard
Theme song : dear future husband by meghan trainor

( yes I was listening to this song while reading this XD and it matched perfectly UWU )

Ok but seriously this was a beautiful chapter and I love how you wrote the characters and the ending was beautiful and heart warming.

Also hope your doing ok and drinking plenty of water and getting some rest , cause remember your health matters .
5/13 c555 Carla the wizard
Darling I’m so sorry for being late !

I really enjoyed reading this chapter , love how you wrote Laxus and Mira relationship it’s so cute and I can see them having that type of relationship in the show .

Also I kind of feel sorry for elf and ever since their had Ellie so young , but that’s no excuse for them since it was also affecting their love ones and their daughter

I also miss Ellie, I wonder will we get a POV in her point of view(maybe Bixlow and Freed ) if you ever do a part 2 , about her Parents fake separation and why her mum been disappearing lately ? ( I doubt ever would leave her daughter alone so uncle bixlow moments maybe ?)

I really enjoyed reading this chapter , also I laugh so hard at the ending , pure gold right their !

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