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20h c539 6fairydares
"Laxus, the poncy git that did all the paperwork, the guy with his own personal corny cheerleading team consisting of two guys and a woman who literally wants to be a fairy, the guy in the tiger stripped shirt and the big, stupid, fur-trimmed coat that looked like it belonged to a fat middle-aged gangster or a gay hairdresser, THAT GUY, was cooler than them?!"

I'm dead. It's true.
2/23 c559 9OmniGawker
Heh, almost 10 years old

How times flies eh?
2/6 c560 2Jack Inqu
Honestly, if Gray wouldn't strip so much, he wouldn't get dirt on his back. So really, this is his fault. ;)

Take care, good luck, stay safe, stay healthy, and I look forward to your next update.
1/30 c560 SilvanaAlmeida
Something I can imagine Juvia doing, once again the author fulfilling her promise to post more chapters, looking forward to the next one.
1/30 c560 49Shiranai Atsune
So glad to read more Tales of Fairies!
1/30 c560 3Belisa24Roza
I missed you, really. I love so mucho your stories. I always read this story again and again.
1/29 c560 6Wonderwomanbatmanfan
Lol I laughed SO HARD at the end, but it is a serious thing to check if you do find something out of the ordinary on your body, glad Gray has people around him that cares for him very much. Please update soon:D
1/29 c560 2LoveGlutton
Oh cool! Another update!

And glad to ee you haven’t lost your touch of humor.

The irony of this is, is that juvia could’ve washed it off being a water logia. (I have no idea what she is, she does not fall under anystandard of magic that i’ve seen, so i’m dying on this hill)
1/25 c559 Just Veia
Wonderful! So glad you updated, this was a fantastic chapter!
1/16 c559 1DiabloTheDevil
I like the new chapter, never thought of that scenario before, u did amazing on it!
1/14 c559 2Jack Inqu
Very good chapter. Thank you.

Take care, good luck, stay safe, stay healthy, and I look forward to your next update.
1/12 c559 9BurstingDragons
Really neat approach you did on this one. Nice work!
1/12 c26 23CharmGirlLove
Hi I don’t know if you remember chapter 26 but if you do maybe one day if you have time which you probably don’t maybe you can do a continuation like Ultear taking Gray to break into Lyon’s house. If not it’s fine still love this chapter l.
1/11 c559 SilvanaAlmeida
How incredible, I didn't think I would see more chapters of this story, I'm happy to read your writing after trying some time, I hope to read more soon.
1/10 c559 Guest
I'm excited for your next one shot also you should make this one a full series it'll would be an excellent read
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