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4/2 c37 Anonymousss
Breezed through this story in a few days. When are Clara and Bucky ever going to get together? Hope you update this story, it’s great!
7/5/2019 c37 PrettyRecklessLaura
Can't wait for more!
5/6/2019 c37 9Love.Fiction.2021
Great story so far
5/5/2019 c37 SomebodyWhoCares
Kitty has claws .
2/12/2019 c36 6Irish-Brigid
As someone who's dealt with doctors of various sorts and the things they prescribe, I'm with Bucky on this one. I *hate* sleep aids. The sleep they provide isn't restful and I wake up feeling hung-over. I kinda hate taking any kind of pill, especially since so many have side effects that exacerbate what I'm already dealing with. Sure, give a medication that has dizziness as a side effect to the girl who told you *multiple times* that she suffers from chronic dizziness.

On the other hand, actually *talking* to the shrink is a good idea. Heck, talking to *anyone.* Or just writing it down. If nothing else, it helps to organize the less rational parts of the mind. Pretending it didn't happen just puts those feelings into a pressure cooker with a broken release valve. Eventually, it's going to explode.

Lastly, I, too, once had the desire to punch a doctor square in the nose. Though for very different reasons. And here I thought 'just a hysterical female' had gone out of style in the '60s.
8/19/2018 c33 3steph557
Dun dun dunnn. Wow I didn’t expected that plot twist . Thanks for the awesome story and I can’t wait for the next update! Please update soon!
8/19/2018 c1 steph557
Am I sensing a dr who reference here...? Since the actor who played Clara Oswald played Connie in Captain america. And this nurse is not only called Clara but sorta looks like Connie? ;)
8/18/2018 c33 Reader 1
Totally unrelated but you've got an old dusty Blue Water High Fan fiction that is in high demand right now by many who are curious about Fly and Heath...
8/17/2018 c33 1HummingB1rd
I really enjoyed the story this far. I do hope she tells Bucky about the injection, he trust's her and keeping it from him for it to come out later would potentially shatter that trust completely.
7/31/2018 c29 Paula sullivan
"Making a mental note to look that up later if he remembered" sorry but I laughed out loud at that.

Reminds me of the meme of Bucky walking away from Cap at the Potomac riverbank. It's captioned "I'll never forget you' I yelled to what's his name".
7/24/2018 c32 guadalupe1992
Like :)
2/26/2018 c31 Guest
Any chance we'll get to meet the Wakandans earlier than canon? To help Bucky's mental health and get over the words? Actually, when is this story in comparison to the timeline of canon? Like what movie would we be in if things hadn't changed because Clara found Bucky?

Also, can I just say I really want a Bucky and Tony friendship? I feel like they're actually really similar and both have the same snarky, cynical sense of humor...and Bucky was supposed to be a major science geek back in the day. It would be cool if Tony or Bruce brought him into the science fold or if he took classes or something to become an engineer or something. It would be a nice connection to Connie becoming a doctor against the odds of the times. Just an idea...
2/23/2018 c31 musicluver246
Great story so far.
2/19/2018 c28 Jomobabe45
Irish-Brigid I think he was more hurt that Steve knew for a while but didn’t have the decency to tell him. Maybe if he had told Tony before hand and sat him down to explain it, none of the events of Civil War would of happened. I agree that it was obviously not Bucky’s fault, Tony had just found out who killed his parents and well he was really hurt, specially knowing that Steve already knew; so he emotionally and physically acted out on Bucky at the moment cause Hydra wasn’t there to take down and beat everyone up and Bucky was just conveniently there (he didn’t deserve it though). That’s just my take on it though.
2/19/2018 c28 6Irish-Brigid
This is how I *wished* Civil War had gone. Bucky doesn't deserve the hate Tony poured on him. Doesn't deserve the blame, the attacks, all the horrible stuff that's happened to him. And Tony was really a jerk going off on Bucky. He should've been angry at Hydra. Seriously, the hypocrisy of accepting Hawkeye after his stint as a mind-controlled puppet but not accepting Bucky just because he happened to kill Howard and Martha.
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