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5/10/2014 c14 Shedokitsune
I love this fanfiction! It's so well written! My favorite cat is Night
5/10/2014 c12 Indigostar12
Swift could be Kitty and Flare could be Drake. By the way, in the allegiances you said Swift was grey but when you were giving out her plushie you said she was white
5/10/2014 c14 Indigostar12
PLUSHIE! *takes the Ice plushie and hugs it*
5/10/2014 c14 Winxclubfan1
Yep I agree with the guide things *take plushies*

P.S. Do you like Little Mix?
5/3/2014 c13 Indigostar12
5/3/2014 c13 6Silent Song of Stirring Storms
Stupid Snow... I know right? By school standards I'm also waaaayyy too innocent for my age. By my standards I can always do better.
5/3/2014 c13 Winxclubfan1
You should make BlazeXAir offical!
5/3/2014 c13 Winxclubfan1
Yes she should, I LOVE BUBBLE GUPPIES!
5/3/2014 c12 Winxclubfan1
I'm sorta Popular good!
5/2/2014 c12 8ScipioPB
Oh yes, I'm confident that high school have those rules x3

A: Popular within my little group :)
5/2/2014 c12 6Silent Song of Stirring Storms
Answer to question: Me? Popular? *Snorts* That's funny! I'm popular with the non-popular people for standing up to bullies who bully them, if that counts. I wouldn't be caught dead in a crowd of popular people. My reputation would lower from top of the world to non-existent. They're idiots. Well, most of them anyways. The only popular people in my school are people who's life is inappropriate TV shows and internet sites. And failing grades. (I tend to rant about bullies/idiots, sorry!)
Update soon! Awesome chapter! :D
4/29/2014 c11 Indigostar12
Swift plushie! *takes the plushie* I like apples with peanut butter also. And apple-peanut butter-raisin sandwiches. You put peanut butter on two pieces of bread then put thin apple slices on them. Then you put some more peanut butter on the apple slices and stick raisins on them. Then you put the bread pieces together and it's a sandwich! You should try it, it's really tasty
4/27/2014 c11 Winxclubfan1
Where is Blaze?
4/26/2014 c11 Silent Song of Stirring Storms
Yes this story is cool! Nope, just more frequent updates! :)
4/25/2014 c10 Indigostar12
Frost plushie! *takes the plushie*
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