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11/19/2019 c1 9Paladin777
This was hilariously pervy! Nice work! I’m not normally a fan of... certain... content in my fanfiction, but the manner in which you write it has a way of capturing the imagination in ways that I can’t help but get hooked while reading it! Nice work

I also just noticed that your last update was five days prior to me writing this review, which makes me excited that you might have more to write. You truly are a master of your craft!
5/24/2017 c1 8Tasse de noisette
Is sooo funny hahahhaha
12/17/2015 c1 32freyjaera
hahah.. It's really awesome.. It has so many funny scenes.. I really hope Garnet will question Freya on why she doesn't want anyone to hear about that.. even if I already know why.. the idea of her struggling to find a n appropriate answer is so hilarious.. XD
9/26/2014 c1 1Yumeko
Whoa, whoa, whoa. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it was certainly not a TAILJOB. And I was not expecting to find it this hot. What the fuck. I'm amazed at your perfect writing. I was literally reading the last half of this with my hands half covering my face in embarrassment. Embarrassed/blushing boys is one of my favorite things ever. Oh gosh, this made my day.
6/15/2014 c1 Silver Falcon
I love the way you keep Zidane more in character than other authors. I'm amazed at how many write him as a virgin! I did NOT get that vibe from the game. lol I also like how you slip in his jealousy. He has the potential to be very jealous (as does Garnet). It always seems like fics just show Garnet being jealous. It would be great if you did an in-game fic where he thinks Garnet might have done some hanky panky with another man. (Not that she actually did, but have a small series of coincidences that make it seem like she did).
6/1/2014 c1 6ChaosreigN
That was so wonderful and great and wow you're a good author. Just wow. I really enjoyed it!
5/21/2014 c1 Guest
I know how much you love ZiDag, because we all do, but how about you write a fanfiction about Zidane's womanizing adventures, how he treats women he meets, does he respect them and what they think of him.

-Loyal Final fantasy 9 fan
5/11/2014 c1 5Fractured Peace
...xD Freaking hilarious. As always, I love your characterizations and Zidane really, REALLY feels like a low-class thief. All the time. Always. _ Again, you're one of my favorite authors, and I"m really glad you're uploading stuff again!
5/5/2014 c1 ShinOokami
well i will try to keep myself short (damn i almost wrote shot, that would be an interesting state of being :) since someone else has already writen page up and page down in a review a bit erlier, not mentioning names. (but i guess i wont need to...)

anyways. you have, mine lady Crimson again managed to... open my eye's and blow my mind. your ability to keep the characters personality is still stunning, and Strongly evident in this fic. (probably because it is fairly short) I love how Dagger is utterly clueless as to what her ministrations does to Zidane, i also like Zidanes... Restraint, or rather I find it strongly amusing.

but i do wonder what Garnet thought after Zidane Kissed her, and especially after Fraya Fails to explain anything, and just extracts a "vow of silence", i guess we will never know, and that is another part of your writing I love, you leave just the right amount of the story up to the imagination, instead of falling in the trap of writing everything and so have story that one forgets 2 days later because there was nothing to muse about afterwards. (this is a trap way to many falls in when it comes to sexual or erotic screens of a story, but oh, not you, oh no, not you)

and now that i have rambled on and on and written a lot more than intended (as always) i must finish with saying that i am greatly looking forward to your next update, be it another Oneshot, another new Book or an update to Foundations, be it in a week or in a year, I am looking forward to it.

And truly I hope that the rebuilding of your world is going steadily, even if it can never return to what it ones was. life will goes on, and it will try to leave everything and everyone behind, but no mater how much time passes, our beloved will stay Within us, in our actions, in our memories, and in our Hearts.

see you at your next update, and may your Heart lead you true.
Shin Ookami
A seeker of Knowledge
5/4/2014 c1 Guest
(Goodness, I'm typing on my phone and I accidentally pressed send early... yikes!)

-Though you aren't published, you are by far my favourite author of all time. Your ability to paint lavish pictures with your words is eternally a gift which I hope you will continue to treasure. Even in a slightly OOC situation such as this one, you always have the RIGHT things to say in any given situation. Plus, I'm always coloured amazed by how well you keep your stories true to the time period, had it lacked the magic of Final Fantasy.

All in all, I wanted to both congratulate and thank you for always presenting such fabulous work. I hope you'll always keep writing because your gift is truly heavenly. Lots of love and I hope you're well!
5/4/2014 c1 Guest
I don't ever review works due to my usual inability to string together a constructive sentence, but I believe it's time that I finally dropped you a line, despite not having an account here.

First of all, I wanted to welcome you back! Your presence has certainly been missed, as I'd always save your stories as a pick-me-up when my day has been absolutely HORRID! Mind you, I've probably read through Brick By Brick seven times all up and Foundations just the same! Though you aren't publ
4/26/2014 c1 Cadistra
I actually had to re-make a account because I wanted to tell you just how much I adore your FFIX stories! I'm replaying the game right now, and your stories are by far the best I've read in many years. This was was fantastic, too!
Thank you for writing these, and I hope to see more from you in the future!
4/19/2014 c1 19sup3rl0z3r
You are like the batman on ffix fanfiction. You're the writer we deserve, but not the one we need. You always seem to update when I really need you in My life. I'll be bored an check to see if you post and it's always no... but then there's nights like tonight when I'm tearing my hair out working a graveyard shift and there you are to comfort me.

Anyway, onto my review, this was hilarious. I loved the awkward feeling it gave me. I felt every bit of Zidane's tension. Wonderful story!
4/15/2014 c1 Katsumara
Well this was amazing. Also.. great to see you again, CC! :D Been missing ya around these parts! You're my go-to for Zid/Garnet stuff, so.. definitely been missing you around. Hope everything is going alright!
4/15/2014 c1 38XxFearTheFluffxX
Ah, it's always a pleasure to read your stories. Loved Freya's reaction at the end there! Great work, as always.
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