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for Carrie: The Devil Within

11/15/2014 c8 Guest
What the hell have you quit its been five months since your last update i guess you have quit is someone else going to do this story since your not
11/9/2014 c8 Mia
:C Rita is such a sweetheart. I feel so sad for Carrie.
10/24/2014 c8 Guest
I guess you quit
10/15/2014 c8 2Nic Coay
Oh, my goodness, please continue this! It's really good. I want to know what happens.
7/30/2014 c9 xavier
I love your story
7/16/2014 c9 15Mystique84
hey, freaking love this, I wish there was more Desjardin and Carrie stuff out there so continue please!
7/14/2014 c8 Guest
I guess you quit it sucks but thanks for the story
5/30/2014 c8 FreidenSchmi
A little corny but surprisingly fitting title. As to the story: I always like reading a good Carrie fanfic, but I sort of feel that this one needs another conflict to come up soon to keep it interesting - don't get me wrong, the whole remorse-and-self-loathing-while-learning-to-control-special-powers thing is what draws me in the first place, but you can't build a story around a character only.
5/29/2014 c8 281FunahoMisaki
yay updates! Update again soon please?
5/25/2014 c7 FunahoMisaki
yay updates! As for titles what about something like 'Asking for Help' or 'Looking for a hand' or something like 'Desjardin helps with the Guilt?' or something like those
5/22/2014 c7 anon
maybe seeking safety if your looking for something close. or contrary you could do something like finding a home.
5/22/2014 c7 5alyssa.t.kraft
How about this title:
"Carrie: Alive After Prom"?
5/22/2014 c7 55iamgoku
I love how the stories going and love the idea of them going on a holiday son where , it's good how you're showing her conflicting emotions as well

Some titles I thought up
Carrie : Path to Redemption
Carrie's New Journey
Rise of the Fallen Angel
5/9/2014 c6 DoneWith
Is this of the original or the newer with Chloe? :3
5/9/2014 c6 2Assassin's Creed superfan
Call me cold call me cruel, but I was so invested in the movie (either one but particularly the remake since that's the one I've seen recently) that when that blood was dumped on Carrie, I didn't shed too many tears for her tormentors when she finally snapped.

Anyway great chapter. Can't wait for more
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