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8/5/2018 c4 12Veriseple
This would be very interesting to see continued. Eleanor has always been my favorite character from Bioshock even over Jack, Delta, Booker, or Elizabeth. That and Eleanor was Elizabeth but better given she masterminded her own escape plan and did half of the work too getting Delta too her unlike Elizabeth. Elizabeth is tough but Eleanor is a class all her own. Eleanor is the closest Rapture ever came to creating a god, even surpassing Fontaine at the end. Compared to that Elizabeth looks a little bit washed out for all the many similarities they have in common.
1/9/2018 c4 Guest
Huh, that was a surprise, a lot of people I’ve met seem to just ignore BioShock 2 so I wasn’t expecting to see it come up. Does infinite even take place in the same universe as 1 and 2, with all the reality warping that Booker and Elizebeth get up to its really hard to say definitively. I like the story so far and especially the twist with the two Johns, seeing interact should be fun, assuming the two of them don’t implode the time space continuum if they touch each other or something. Hope you update soon.
6/28/2017 c2 43BenRG
It has always looked to me that the Salts were identical, chemically speaking, to EVE. So, once ingested, Jack's Plasmids and Tonics should trigger. Now, the lack of a convenient Gene Bank means that Jack will be stuck with his last equip selection but I bet that it will be pretty formidable, all told!
6/28/2017 c1 BenRG
What does it mean, Jack? It means that the equation has changed. Someone (possibly one of the alt-Elizabeths) has decided to add other pieces to the game.
3/16/2015 c4 14SpawnofAnarion
Awesome story! Crossing over all the bioshock characters is really ambitious, and you seem to be pulling it off grandly. Keep up the good work!
(Can't wait for Evil Jack to meet Comstock-or for evil jack to meet good jack, for that matter :D)
10/30/2014 c4 Guest
I'm normally not the one to complain but it's about to be five months since you've updated. This story is really great and seeing another Jack and Elizabeth story get brought down kinda makes me sad. Please update and finish this story
7/8/2014 c4 GumGumOnigiri
DAMN! just... fucking GODDAMN! I just started playing the games about a month ago and I love them and... DAMN! This is how a Bioshock story is supposed to be!

Man oh man Good!Jack AND Evil!Jack!? I was seriously laughing like a maniac reading this because it's just soooo well written and just freaking good!

By the way... four Little Sisters? If I remember right it was five, or did Jack actually listen to Atlas for the first one?

Anywhoo, hope you update soon!
7/4/2014 c4 13ForceWalker
Glad to see you back and updating this! Eleanor is here! :D And she is the one that balances out the good and bad Jacks! The one who isn't perfectly good and caring, or sinisterly evil and power-hungry. She's just...Eleanor. XD The one who simply has hope...and her freedom, the one who isn't perfect but does what she can. That's what makes me like her role in this story! I wonder when she'll meet Elizabeth! XP The meeting of the two Lambs...Either way, good stuff, hope you can have more time to update soon. Until next time man.
7/1/2014 c4 Alyssa A
Great chapter! Can't wait for more!
6/29/2014 c4 19Dinosaur Imperial Soldier
Wow, those fellows were confusing manner. I would like to see Jack Eleanor and Booker can get Elizabeth from monument island. For anyone apologize for long updates what is done is done.
6/29/2014 c4 1Dracona Mortis
WOOHOO! Another :D And I'm sad Delta died D: Owell... Great work, keep it up :3
5/28/2014 c3 13ForceWalker
What an interesting story. If Eleanor is to come into this, I say it should be her from the Neutral Ending, where Delta sacrificed himself, in order to balance out the good and back Jacks in this story now. Plus, I think it's the best ending of Bioshock 2. Curious to see what happens next.
5/8/2014 c3 49Valkyrie Elysia
Oh geez, this going to get pretty messy. Wait until the two Jacks meet each other.
5/8/2014 c3 2NathanHale2
keep it up things are getting interessting and will be pretty messy.
5/8/2014 c3 19LunaCangiante
Oh dear Lord, it's like what I've waited for, for so long. Honest to God effort that ACTUALLY paid off -wipes tear-. I'm hooked on this story, now do me a favor (I was going to make a 'would you kindly' pun but who hasn't done that?) and finish this damn story.
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