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for spell a loss

4/14/2014 c1 castle1996
love this take on it! update soon :D
4/14/2014 c1 Newsies73
Very well written. And welcome to the Fandom! Well you were already apart of it. You can just consider this a writers welcome than. Even though I'm not a writer. :)

As you have said, I love Caskett and I love this fandom. The only problem is that there are a few in this fandom who absolutely drive me bonkers! Most of the mascerade as guests because they can't own up to their own comments. And some others mean well but come off as opinionated jerks.
I thought I should warn you that you will probably be getting some of them because of the ending.
They are fairly easy to recognize because the use the exact same argument over and over again. And normally talk about how they think it would of gone down if the roles were rehearsed and blah blah blah. Ignore them. They annoy me. :)

Now on to your story! Like I said, it was extremely well written. Was I a big fan of Kate in this fic? No I wasn't. But then again, I don't think Kate was either. I believe that was the whole point.
She is suffering from survivors guilt. Even though Castle is not dead. And I completely get that. And it's reasonable. Doesn't mean I'm not disappointed in the way she has handled things.

Like any Caskett shipper, the part with Josh was hard to read. But unlike most stories that try to throw in some none Caskett smut and end up getting crucified for it. I completely understand why it was necessary in this. And I thought it worked. Even though I didn't like it. Which I think is also reasonable considering Kate was disgusted with herself. And if this continues I believe that will be a point of emphasis with her character.
I would very much like to see this continued. Sad endings are just sad. Shocking right? Haha.

Something I found interesting is that the part where she slept with Josh isn't even the part that killed me. I understood it. It's not like it was cheating. And it was hard to read, not only cause it wasn't Castle but because Kate just seemed so numb and filled with inner hate.
But the part that hurt the most was when she brushed off his deceleration of love and said he wasn't her partner. Ouch. My heart hurt for Castle in that moment. And even though I'm upset with Kate, it hurt for her too. She is living in a state of denial.

So I hope to see more from you. I also hope that you aren't hit to hard by the Beckett Bashed club. It's sad because I get and actually agree with a lot of there opinions on Becketts character. To an extent. They just don't know how to give there opinions without being complete disrespectful jackwagons.

So again I will give you props on your writing and I hope to see you continue this in the future!
You've got yourself a follower.
4/14/2014 c1 Aqua Rules
Please do continue this one. I would like to see where you choose to take it. Has a solid premise! :)
4/13/2014 c1 Nedra1212
I vote for more, please! There aren't enough of these stories (completed) where castle takes the bullet for her...and this is well-written, so it should be good!
4/13/2014 c1 9codedriver
I would like to see more, how she breaks off with Josh and how you write Castle and Beckett working through the shooting.
4/13/2014 c1 Guest
I think you write well...but the Josh ending...I just don't think that would be Beckett's mindset at that point. Screwing Josh while Castle is in a coma basically?

Yea..just don't buy that its in character at all. But that's your call. As I said, your writing is fine. Just think you missed the mark on some of the character bits. Just off in some ways.
4/13/2014 c1 A reviewer
Well I can't say I enjoyed it but then again part of fanfiction is writers write what they want. Nobody is forcing anybody to read it. So... uh... up to you. I really didn't expect the ending of this... oh well. Good luck.
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