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for Click Click Boom

12/27/2019 c1 Latarra
Interesting. It's all logical, and the plot is nice as well.
9/5/2015 c1 3hellz swordsman
4/21/2014 c1 2Samsonkeezo
I like it! Plus, FIRE! Surprising people is always fun...
4/14/2014 c1 Katconan
I thought it was good. The only problem with it was Snape was working for Dumbledore so would have turned Harry in.
4/14/2014 c1 5JuliaPossum
I like it, I like it a lot! That click click boom thing you had going on there? Perfect.
The way the story was written, you could just see Harry breaking. I also like the way you presented the 'light' characters so that they were really subtlety being obviously evil, if you know what I mean.
All in all, a great one shot and a really good start to your one shot writing 'career'.
I can't wait to see more!
4/14/2014 c1 10horus100
esta bastante bien

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