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7/31/2020 c5 Moe Latignant
It's a good chapter. It's funny. Robbie isn't good around girls-except Cat. But, at least he's not scrambled like Cat's brother. A male taking an article of female clothing may either signal an identity crisis, or want of a trophy.
4/17/2019 c3 Mrs preeti
Hello Victoria justice play Victoriaus name is tori vega singer good at nickalondo jade your best friends is audre and cat act is singer good at nickalondo the best my favourite is super fan you Victoria justice and
3/20/2017 c3 Julia
I hope you feel better soon love you.
2/2/2015 c8 18creativethinking
I love this and thank you for the dedication, it made my day! xx
11/6/2014 c9 Leila
Hi! I love these! And I love how you keep them all in character! I'm so sorry about your baby, I hope you feel better... Ps, I'll be waiting for more stuff like these! #WaitingForTheNewChapter
11/4/2014 c9 4Sakurablossom7346
I am so sorry to hear about the baby. Everything happens for a reason though.
11/3/2014 c9 dreadpuppy
ahhh! NO BADE! scandalous, Bella-nee, scandalous! hahaha, just kidding :)
I loved it. My favorite line was Andre's: "No funny business with your brother kitty."
you keep all of the characters so... in character even though it's in chat, it's ridiculous! Proud of ya sis xx
。.*:・’゚:。.*:゚・’゚゚:。’・゚ Perfection was born today. 。.*:・’゚:。.*:゚・’゚゚:。’・゚

Love and cupcakes,

8/21/2014 c8 Guest
Wow congrats. :)
Thnx for updating. It was aming
8/21/2014 c8 6ahsnapitzkian
Wow! Congrats on the baby! Best of luck :3 !
I just love how Andre seemed so casual about asking Beck if he wanted to spy on Jade, Lol XD
8/19/2014 c7 Guest
Haha. These are awesome.
Pls update soon
8/20/2014 c8 29Boris Yeltsin
What kinds of requests are you looking for for this story?
Congrads BTW.
8/19/2014 c8 dreadpuppy
I love it love it love it love it! Poor Becky's jealous.. hehehe :)
I like how Jade's making him pay for breaking her heart by at least trying to date other guys..

update soon, I wanna see Beck spy on Jade!

Cupcakes and Bade kisses,
7/17/2014 c5 18creativethinking
Hmmm...Jade hangs out with some guy and Beck hears about it? I don't know, I just really want you to keep going!
7/5/2014 c2 tamiyah.anderson
Bella pretty
7/5/2014 c1 tamiyah.anderson
Who jade. Look so different
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