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7/29/2017 c4 Kip
Goddammit Apollo keep it in your pants
1/17/2017 c10 33Brock's Geodude
Athena has a bit of a temper, true, but you went way overboard with it here. Same with Franziska, it's as if her development since the end of JFA never happened. But aside from characterization, it's written pretty well.
3/24/2016 c9 20blukmage19r2
Poor Fran. She had her chance and now... she's raving mad from her little tirade. I hope she doesn't let her anger get the best of her like her poor old gray-haired daddy (yes, I'm talking about Manfred) did, otherwise history would repeat itself all over again.
7/15/2015 c8 JumpinJackrabbit
Whoa. Athena was a jackass this chapter, honestly. I can only see the real Athena cringing in horror.

Additionally, we found the identity of Pete's benefactor. Making it Ms. Legs Dawson of all people was a nice touch.
7/15/2015 c7 EagerBeaver
Three words to describe the "wrestling" segment:

7/15/2015 c4 Thuggy
"And you were no help at all! Mentally undressing her like that!"

The good defense attorney doth be jealous as fuck, methinks.
3/31/2015 c10 2VioletHarmony
Haha I enjoyed this story so much especially the small bits of Justicykes sprinkled here and there as well as Mother Thena and Franziska's "relationship."
9/4/2014 c3 1Akuzoni
Been reading, and I really like it so far! I would have liked more descriptions about characters interactions, IMO, but everything else is plenty fine! Keep at it, I'm enjoying this story
6/27/2014 c10 7Orizon-S89
I was NOT expecting that! Athena assumed the mother figure in court. But then in the epiloge, she appoints Apollo to bu the daddy figure. If anything, that caught me by suprize.
5/17/2014 c9 7Crack-jouchan
BWAHAHA treating Franzy like a spoilt little brat was priceless oh god and so FITTING. Thumbs up woo! And awww. Alice and Pete are sooo cute together, hohoho!
5/11/2014 c10 13Lumos314
Nice end to the story!
It looks like more than one character has learned their lesson... Franzisca, Athena, the townspeople... :)

I love how you talked about the names...I always find that stuff interesting. :)

Great job overall. :D
5/11/2014 c10 1Pickle the chicken

I want an epilogue sooooooooo bad. I WANT IT. But it's the end so, no therapy session. NOOOOO
5/5/2014 c8 Toonie
Ahhh, i really like this story! It's very well paced, and has just the perfect mix of details and progression.
Keep up the good work! :D
5/4/2014 c1 Toonie
Ahhh i really like this story. It's really well paced, I'll give you that. I think i might have figured out who it is allready, but I'm eagerly waiting for the conclusion :3

Keep up the good work! :D
4/29/2014 c8 13Lumos314
This chapter was alright...
I liked the suspense you left at the end by not telling us who the suspect is or what evidence they're looking at.
But I feel like Athena was a little out of character here. I know she's emotional, but I've always thought of her as someone, like many other characters, who highly values the truth. Going that far to get someone to talk...Well, it seems off in my interpretation of her.
Of course, we can have different opinions. :)

I'm excited to see what's happening next! :D
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