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1/16/2017 c10 1MandalorianPirate
I read your rewrite and know I'm reading the original; they are pretty different but both are good. :-)
5/8/2016 c18 Narutoluvr9
Could you make the rewrite a separate story? I love coming back and rereading this one sometimes. Thanks! Can't wait to read the new one! D
10/17/2015 c17 Flamenbionicnemo
3/10/2015 c17 13creativesm75
1/4/2015 c17 Elise
Very great story. :)
8/29/2014 c17 9FrostedFeathers

Just wanted to thank you for the great read! From start to finish this was a very well written story and I couldn't put it down!

Very well done and I'm looking forward to having a read at the sequel :)
8/28/2014 c17 2Sherlock's Pipe And Hat
*laughs* i loved that last comment about thor and the toaster and buying number four that week and it was only tuesday;-) i got the winter soldier movie on my iphone and it is currently my favorite movie. loved this story!
8/6/2014 c17 2Book Soldier
8/5/2014 c5 Book Soldier
love this story
5/26/2014 c17 TallyWolfmantra
I liked the story great job with showing the difference between Bucky and the Winter Soldier it worked out really well!
5/4/2014 c17 6abni
Thank you so much for sharing this awesome story - loved it! Well written, and I love how you bring in the Avengers and have Steve and Bucky end up with them. And I love how you used Bucky/Winter Soldier to show his thoughts as each. Will be hurrying on to read the sequel!

Hugs, abni
4/27/2014 c17 9primadonna cat
FUN! I can tell you love to write Avengers snark! I love to read it. I'm so happy there was a happy ending!
4/27/2014 c17 Guest
Okay, I can work with this ending, since there will be a sequel. Seriously, though, you update so fast that I don't have time to review every single chapter. Every time I see this fic, it's got two or three new chapters. You're like Wonder Woman, or something. :)
4/27/2014 c10 primadonna cat
Nice parallel save here!
4/27/2014 c9 primadonna cat
You got his thoughts down perfectly.
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