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for Ash and Harry Ketchum's Pokemon Journey

6/19 c9 5flame55
This is great can’t wait for more
5/4 c9 nightmare raven134
Please update this story
3/31 c9 Guest
I love this story so far! continue the good work! and please update more often
3/29 c3 Shortmike24
are you a 5 year old girl ? he got a horse and named it after a stripper? hahhaha i didnt know this was a parody
3/25 c1 spacecowboy2011
Your first twenty plus paragraphs are ramblings that could be easily stated in two paragraphs.
3/24 c4 Silver Pup
HAHAHHAHAHAHAH the shock I’m feeling that a fellow author also decided to name Pikachu Loki! I did that as well in my fanfic The One With Apathetic Eyes

This story is amazing so far, I was a bit sad that Harry isn’t 100% obviously stronger than Ash and that Ash has a few special powers too (because I’ll be honest and say I’m quite neutral but leaning towards dislike in my view of Ash) my beloved Harry needs to be unique and one of a kind!

I love the idea of him having a Ponyta though I was slightly hoping for Eevee. I really hope he does get an Eevee though!

Anyways keep up the FABULOUS work!
3/24 c9 GGPD
I know that misty is pretty unreasonable but yours just portray her as insane.
3/23 c9 1KaseyKay17
Everyone forgets that Misty, like early Misty, was totally horrible to Ash in the beginning. No, they just focus on all the cute romance moments they have which are barely a handful at most. So, out of all of ashes traveling companions, The female ones I mean, which one is your favorite? Personally, I like Serena
3/23 c9 Ra1nb0wF1re
I really loved the chapter. The way misty acted in the series really bothered me whenever I’d rewatch as I got older. Yeah, she mellowed out later but I could never get over it. Anyways, congrats on the chapter! I look forward to what your brain comes up with next.
3/22 c9 Jose19
I have seen the Pokémon series Misty is no thief if you bash a character get the details correct.
3/22 c2 Jose19
Ash is supposed to become the greatest Pokémon master but is Harry a normal child or does he still possess magic.
3/22 c1 Jose19
The parents of Harry are Human not one that is a magic entity because this character is unable to have children only living things can.
3/22 c9 Argonaut986
Misty is going to be problematic, considering the SHIT she tried to pull.
3/22 c9 tonyalexander13
Glad to see this story is still alive, can't wait 4 more. Keep up the good work!
3/22 c9 4597boss
Wow, Misty is so mean in this.
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