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for Harry's new life and Ash's new Pokemon

5/22 c4 1hzlanderson
Wow! I hope you decide to update soon.
3/14 c4 Rescue9911
1/23 c4 18Ironshot
Great start other than a few spelling/grammar mistakes that seem all too common when reading fanfiction. I hope you can update soon.
1/16 c4 3DragonClanMaster
That cliffy, LOL! XD
1/15 c4 Guest
i beleave it is called and antro or something like that for humane/creature/animal hybrids. also i would love for harry to turn human and have a relationship with ash and maybe have ash be able to turn into a pokemon too
1/14 c4 TrinityGXD
11/16/2020 c4 26Golden feathers Edward
Why?! A cliffhanger! -cry- I would love for Harry to have a human form if you are still counting votes. X3
10/9/2020 c4 Percy's Dongos
Plz continue the story!
9/26/2020 c2 Jose19
It is a shame that he can’t talk at all because he will be useless.
9/4/2020 c4 Guest
I would like Harry to eventually be able to turn back to his human form. I would also like him to, after managing to turn human for a bit, decide that he’s better off as a Pokémon and use human form rarely if at all. I would also like it if maybe a romance plot line were to complicate his decision further. I’m looking forward to more of this story any direction you decide to take it though.
8/8/2020 c4 Yt
Don't tell me Harry is just going to observe everything from the sidelines
If he is then what's the point
Nothing is happening literally except me reading him watching the anime
7/3/2020 c4 Lady Kaiki
Love it !
6/14/2020 c4 1Ryo no Kitsune
Yes is my vote
6/14/2020 c4 11Genuka
*cackle* Perfect introduction!
I vote for human form!
I will eagerly watch this story develop!
6/8/2020 c4 1Gaming to the Max
Great story keep up the good work
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