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for From the Valleys to the Heavens

1/12 c28 gudino
please update soon love this fic
1/1 c28 Pokechan123
C'est la meilleure fic de fairy tail oc-si que j'ai jamais lut une suite s'il vous plaît !
12/13/2020 c28 Dragon of Yin and Yang
Excellent story! I can’t wait to read the next chapter.
12/12/2020 c28 4UndecidedAnimeGirl
"prepare to die, you bitch."
Holy-! AAahhh! I can't even review right because lUcY bOuT tO kIlL a BiTcH and now my brain is malfunctioning halp also pls update i need to kno what happens but also please dont feel pressured b/c I refuse to be the bitch who puts undue stress on authors who, 9 times out of 10, have plenty of that already
12/12/2020 c27 UndecidedAnimeGirl
*Reads chapter*
Yeah, cool, another chapter, nice going and whatever...
*Reads notes*

Seriously though, this fic is awesome! I'm really loving the dark and feminist energies
11/28/2020 c28 fifi
will sting and roys hang on to her like they did with natsu so she doesn't kill anyone ! I have so many questions
11/28/2020 c28 fifi
it's been a while since I reread your fiction! Tia has so much darkness in her soul, I would have hoped that the presence of so many loving people would fill the void because without wanting to offend you it gets a bit annoying that she is almost always depressed ! yes she suffered, yes she has improved since she loves hugs, but I have the impression that instead of moving forward she is sinking into her darkness ! and i also have the impression that she receives more injuries than the original lucy when she is supposed to be stronger ! it's so cute! this NaLu version is more likely to see the light of day with all those new feelings that our two lovebirds just can't seem to mention ! they are so cute in their sleep and what is cuter, lucy has adopted baby dragon ! the four together reminds me of mom dad and baby ! i imagine levy sting and roys are aware of lucy's identity ! I hope they don't become traumatized by this lucy who just lost the balls (I'm not pitying you Angel), they really come at the wrong time even though I think she needs to be released from her frustration ! I hope for the rest very soon ! Good luck and keep it up!
11/25/2020 c16 iwish328
Neverming fuck this i can't go any further
11/25/2020 c15 iwish328
The only good thing I've seen so far is that she uses her silver keys way morethan canon lucy. That doesn't matter tho because she get wrecked everytime it's time to fight anyways. Your grammar is good and your spelling is good so i have no real complaints there. I really think this coulda been good if u were consistent with your characterization and you showed that any changes you were making were actually important. I'm probally gonna finish then block this story out of mind. Bye.
11/25/2020 c15 iwish328
Why is lucy such a mary sue. She has a sword but doesnt use it. She gets her ass kicked literally every fight despite supposedly being stronger than canon lucy. She has this annoying arrogant attitude like shes better then everybody even tho she somehow does less than canon lucy. She is apparently the nicest person in the world supposedly even tho she just seems like an annoying preachy bitch. She also seems to not understand something as basic as sending her spirits away so they don't attack her when they're being mind controlled. I'm like 100% sure that her spirits would be more upset if they hurt her then if she force closed their gates to protect herself. That one guard a couple chapters back was a fucking retard for not leaving when lucy confirmed that she evacuated everybody. Lucy feeling guilty over this dumbass was so beyond stupid its disappointing. Her being mad at natsu for being reckless was fine but blaming him cause this guard was too stupid to leave was just another example of how stupid your lucy is. Tia being some kind of international gang member was also stupid as shit too because it seems like she doesn't have any fighting experience despite being a gang member for years apparently. Her trust issues wouda been an interesting character trait too if she didn't show that it was another point that wasn't going anywhere when she just let natsu and happy sleep in her bed after like a week of knowing them. The way lucy talks is ridiculous too cause neither tia or canon lucy would talk like a noble based on how u described their pasts.
11/24/2020 c7 chibichibimochi
"I'm too old for this crap."
10/6/2020 c12 Guest
I've been following this story ever since I was a teenager. Currently on adulthood now but I still come back to read this masterpiece even tho my interest on fairytail fell out. I'm still glad youre still updating this! I hope to see more of the chapters! And the ending on this one was really amazing especially with the nirvana on lucy
9/4/2020 c28 KingPenguinJG
great story :)
8/22/2020 c1 Koneko027
Wow. I didn't realize how many of your stories I have read till I looked at your profile and recognized some of them. They are all wonderful by the way!
7/23/2020 c1 Innieminnie
This isn't reincarnation, it's transmigration. The girl didn't even gain any of Lucy's memories. How she can feel so carefree when living a life she has no idea where the original owner went? At least with other transmigrators you can be sure the other person is dead cause that's the condition the body comes in. Not so with Lucy. Wonder what happened to her?
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