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4/19/2014 c1 2k+Hawki
Admittedly seeing a single chapter being over ten-thousand words kinda set alarm bells off in my head, especially since it’s based on narration. Oh well. Time to dive in:

Okay, I admit, I’m kinda over my head, as I only know the basics of ‘Rift’ lore. But…well, for better or worse, I’ll say that this feels very ‘gamey.’ I admit, I’ve only ever actually played one MMORPG in my life (LOTRO), and from the start, I could get a sense of déjà vu. Hero spawns. Hero talks to NPC. Hero gets quest. Rinse. Repeat. Granted that can be fun from a game standpoint, but from a narrative standpoint…not so much.

It has some appeal in this though, especially at the start – the whole coming to life thing, had a bit of a meta feel to it. And granted, I’m certain that those who’ve played ‘Rift’ will get more out of it. It can probably stand on its own as is – didn’t notice any major spelling/grammar mistakes. Will say though that for ease of reading, I’d recommend making future instalments shorter in length. Ten-thousand words is a lot to get through in a single sitting.

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