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for The Fall Of Aura

5/16/2016 c3 Guest
Any update coming or is this story dead?
9/6/2015 c3 Guest
When's the story going to get updated?
6/23/2014 c3 Shut Up I'm Evil
In my opinion, dragon would be a good typing for Gary; as it shows his untamable personality.
6/5/2014 c2 AdvancedLover
Nice story . Keep up the good work
5/11/2014 c1 3unafraid
Hey - since it isn't really fair that Ash gets three people all to himself, while those people only have 1/3 of him - I think it'd be a good idea if May and Dawn developed a strong friendship that eventually progressed into a romance. Ash should know what it means to share someone, too.
4/26/2014 c1 1WhiteWarg
Cool beginning, update soon

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