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for softly, like an apology

8/17/2015 c1 85babyvfan
I don't like skyeward. I used to till ward turned out to be a double-crossing traitor. Till he shot Fitz and Simmons out of a plane. Skye deserves better. But this a a really good fanfic
5/4/2014 c1 79Lily1986
This really freaking hurt... :-(
4/21/2014 c1 79smileyfacebabe
Way to give me the only instance wherein I think I can ship Ward and Skype. This delights me on so many levels. Eek.
4/19/2014 c1 Watermellow
You were wrong. Angsty stuff DOES make me happy.
4/17/2014 c1 3John Allerdyce-Pyro
This is amazing ohmygawd.
And did you see the promo photos for Nothing Personal though? I think the SkyeWard ship will sink! Noooo! Deathlock appears and as she and Coulson run to Lola, Ward has a gun aimed at them on the top deck on the Bus with Deathlock standing underneath him. I thought SkyeWard would be alright since Chloe seems to be the Captain, Brett said we would be satisfied and that SkyeWard /isn't/ dead, but, I just don't know. I Just, Don't, Know. I am trying so very hard to believe (T.V OTP) but... the photos make it hard. And the fact that Joss Whedon wants no one happy. Seriously, it would be a bigger surprise if one of his couples actually /made/ it work.
4/17/2014 c1 17GranddaughterOfCaskettAndTiva
I'm hoping that the "reasons" you mentioned above is that Ward isn't really Hydra in your other story. Other than that, this was really good.

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