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4/26/2015 c12 Guest
Nova:HAPPY BIRTHDAY! *chuckles* I dare Ryuuga to fight a rayquaza, for Yuu to go a day without ice cream, and a Kenta diary entry please
4/26/2015 c12 The Mystery One
hey. Happy birthday! I also started watching Hetalia a lot recently. Could it be in more? I would write a dare but I don't have any.
*throws Glitter bomb in your face and runs away*
4/25/2015 c12 28CygnusCrown Night
Happy birthday Vulpix!XD
Thanks for the update(I ve been away from this fandom for a long time(dont ask,I ve been dealing with deviantart))
*hands you a virtual present*
See you

3/18/2015 c1 5StarsAmongSouls
You have a lot of shoes.
2/17/2015 c11 5EndlessEcho
AHAHAHAHAGA GREAT CHAPTER OR SHOULD I SAY CHAPTERS! sorry I didn't reveiw for some of them its just I've been off fanfiction world due to family issues but anyways, I got to say thus chapter the the rest I just read were great and good amount of funnyness I absolutely love this story and always read it when I get the chance, never stop writing cause you know...

I'll Always Be Waiting!
1/22/2015 c11 28CygnusCrown Night
Thanks for changing the due date for your contest and thanks again for using my dares:)
Mark:Im like so sad...
Jin:Aguma's story...
Mark:*nods and continues to cry till Jing and Ying starts to nudge their heads at his thighs*
12/29/2014 c10 CygnusCrown Night
Merry Christmas:)
Good job:)
Mark:Thanks for the paint gun Vulpix:)*shoots paint at his older brothers*

12/25/2014 c10 40Eternal Nexus Warrior
Challenge accepted! I'm excited to see what the bladers have to go through next chapters.

And I'll PM some truth and dares as soon as I think of some.
11/22/2014 c9 8AtlasPyro7
This was really funny! Also did you get Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire? Have fun and I can't wait to battle you, I mean I can't wait for the next chapter!
11/22/2014 c1 28CygnusCrown Night
Your story updates are never disappointing,this is probably one of my favourite chapters:)Jing and Ying really showed Ryuga who is boss and what surprised me the most is Neptune!Oh wow thanks for using my dares again:D
11/17/2014 c8 Midnight's Tears
I love this fanfic and hope you continue this funny /awesome TD and D. If you feel like it dare Ryuga to sing what doesn't kill you makes you stronger in a dress of any color. Next Tsubassa , Ginga ,Ryuga ,and Kyoya have to dress as girls and flirt with boys. They must have a contest to see who can get the most boys to fall for they get kissed there is bonus points . LOL* evil smile*
11/4/2014 c8 5EndlessEcho
OHHHHHHH NICE CHAPTER i LOVED IT, when yu ate all the candy was super funny and hilarious can wait for next chapter
10/31/2014 c8 28CygnusCrown Night
OMG!Thats nice!
Especially when you turned Bao and Aguma into a real monster
Though I m pretty much upset that you didnt use all my dares but I m still satisfied:D
10/22/2014 c7 5EndlessEcho
Awesome chapter sorry reveiwing I had something come up but I read it from time LOL Rex in kyoyas costume amazing and cute oh and and he loves to catch sky everyday LOL untilled next time bye

Let Your Echo Forever Endless
10/18/2014 c7 28CygnusCrown Night
Mark:*Whips out a REAL gun*Dynamis!
Thanks for using my dares pal:)I REALLY LOVED THE PAINTBALL GUN PARTXD
update soon:)
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