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for a radiant darkness upon us

5/15/2019 c3 Cmiller01
Would love to know what happens next! Two plots to spirit Sansa away. What intrigue! Are Sansa and Tyrion able to be friends and their relationship develop after the truth is travelled? I hope so!
7/1/2016 c3 2Vero Diaz
Please update soon
1/1/2016 c3 ThamasD
This story is addictive! I hope you continue with this soon.
7/10/2014 c3 8SarRansom
I've really enjoyed the first three chapters of this story. Looking forwards to reading more!
5/6/2014 c2 9AlexUdinov
I really like youre story ;) you are an talanted author.
4/25/2014 c2 15Li-Li-ThePinkbookgirl
Dang, Sansa knows how to break people's hearts when she wants to. But well done with the reveal about Tyrion and Shae. I look forward to what else you have planned :)

Li Li
4/25/2014 c2 33jean d'arc
Good story. Please continue.
4/24/2014 c2 siberia21
This is awesome, the atmosphere's heavy, the angst - and yet there's something sweet and romantic about it. The characters are true. So, SO good! Thank you for the update, I very much enjoyed! :)
4/22/2014 c1 11Tobiume
This was very good! I loved Tyrion and Jaime's conversation. Sansa was written very well, and Joffrey, too. You manage to say so much with so few words.
4/22/2014 c1 11Redbookbluebook
Ooh I can't wait to read more of this story. You write the characters so well.
4/22/2014 c1 85Harmonic Friction
This is very well-written. I very much enjoy it. Tyrion and Joffrey stood out especially, but Sansa's perspective is very spot-on, I believe.
4/21/2014 c1 6holyleonardodicaprio
this is such a great start! i recently read through all your sansa x tyrion stories, and i adore the way you write them! i love how you're taking their relationship slowly in a way that's realistic considering both their backstories/personalities. i can't wait for more :)
4/20/2014 c1 11Ann aspiring writer
I liked this first chapter a lot. I hope youll continue the story as it definitely has potential!
4/20/2014 c1 siberia21
Oh this is good, as always! Thank you for sharing, I'm looking forward to another part! :)
4/19/2014 c1 1LadyofPembroke
Hi I really like your writing style and this feels like its going to be a good story! Or is it a one shot? I suppose you could make it either. :)

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