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1/5/2021 c5 7WiseGirlDivergence46
yes yes yes
pls continue
maybe do someone elses pov
6/15/2015 c5 Guest
Make another chapter!
7/12/2014 c3 3crossovermania
Hi! I'm back again and I just wanted to say that when I sent my last review I said there was no District 10 but then I realized that was listed in chapter 1 so I'm sorry for my error! I also forgot to mention how good of a story this is and how I really enjoy it and I want to read more so hopefully you post more!
7/12/2014 c2 crossovermania
Hi! I just wanted to let you know I really love the fandoms you have included in this story! Especially the Pretty Little Liars, Doctor Who, Once Upon a time, Sherlock, and Supernatural fandoms! So here are my predictions from the certain fandoms I know about. So District 1 I think that Ezra Fitz and Mona Vanderwaal would win! Ezra and Mona are both really smart and can be intimidating or creepy at times! Also Ezra took a bullet so I think he can do a lot if he was able to take a bullet and survive! I have no idea what fandom District 2 was from so I don't really know anything about the tributes so I will just pick random names. I say Raphael Santiago and Caroline Forbes because they sound cool. By the way I noticed there was no District 3. I don't know if you did that on purpose but I'd just thought I would let you know. District 4 I also don't really know the Tributes so I'm just going to say Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase because I think they are the main people of that fandom. Well I know for sure Percy Jackson is the main character of that fandom. For District 5 I will say Harry Potter and Hermione Granger because they are pretty awesome! For District 6 I will say Matt Smith and River Song because they are a dynamic duo and they are both smart and they both have pretty powerful tools and know how to use them. Plus River is pretty badass! For District 7 I would say Regina and Mr. Gold because they are also both really intelligent and they know how to use magic and they are just both people you don't want to mess with. For District 8 I would say Jacob Black and Edward Cullen because they are both really athletic and Edward is smart and they will both be a good pair. For District 9 I would say Sherlock and Irene because they are both really smart and they are both good at setting up traps whether it's mentally or physically. Also not only did Ezra take a bullet and survive, but Sherlock did also. So again with my theory about taking a bullet and surviving which I stated earlier. Oh you also don't have a District 10, by the way. But for District 11 I would say Sam and Dean because they are both pretty awesome together and I just recently started watching the show and I'm only on like the 8th episode of season 1 so I didn't really know any other of the tributes listed. Lastly, for District 12 I would say Tris and Four because again they are another dynamic duo and they were able to kick some ass together as a team and when Four tried to go against Tris, Tris was still able to keep Four sane and get him to snap out of it. Sorry for these lengthy predictions but I also wanted to provide reason for who I chose. Thanks for reading all of this if you did!
5/27/2014 c2 Cuz
5/27/2014 c1 maxmaxmaxmaxmax
5/11/2014 c2 DeducerDoctor221
This is very good but very painful! Too many favorites are going to die *sob*
5/1/2014 c2 2bigger-on-the-inside-fandoms
There are a few typos, but otherwise I'm really excited about the fact that there are some classic Doctor Who characters in there too! They usually get forgotten.
Well, I'm not in all of these fandoms (yet!), but this is what I think for the characters I recognize:
District 4:
District 6:
Captain Jack (obviously, he can't die)&River Song
District 7:
Emma& I have no idea...
District 8:
Jacob&Rosalie (cause I didn't really like many of the other characters is Twilight, no offense)
District 9:
District 11:
District 12:
Tris& I have no idea...

I also noticed that you missed one of the districts. I don't remember which district the Flock was from, but neither 3 or 10 are on the list.
Also I think from the Maximum Ride fandom Angel&Fang will win.
4/22/2014 c1 bigger-on-the-inside-fandoms
I really like the multi-fandom part of this. You might want to check spelling and grammar, I also don't remember 12 tributes in the description of the 1000th hunger games. But that might just be my imperfect memory. All in all I liked it!
4/20/2014 c1 4katzapped
Oh my god you did not just do that!
Ella, Nudge, Max, Angel, and Maya are all going in. NOO!
And Gazzy, Iggy, Sam, Fang, and Ratchet are all going in. WHY?!
And I'm pretty sure you're going with Max and Fang living but one of them still has to die unless you want to pull a "Katniss and Peeta thing with the berries."
Sage, c'mon, why do you hate me?! Jk, but still!

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