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7/10 c57 10RevDorothyL
This is an amazing epic! Thanks for sharing, and for any future updates you post. :)
7/4 c57 Chezzzz
The author is a Master and a Thinker. Amazing! And highly enjoyable \U/
7/2 c57 Spacemonkey777
3rd Gens are scary I tell you. She probably had her powers longer than all of Anders combined HAHAHA!
6/12 c57 QuantumView
I lost track of this story, but now I remember how much I enjoyed it. I like your tricky plotting and planning.
Again, thanks for the chapters I missed!
6/4 c1 undeadone1
I have read maybe half of the Worm fics on this site, and this one is undoubtedly my favorite.
5/25 c57 15H Max Marius
You know... I find myself missing Taylor's dream liaisons with Lisa.
5/23 c57 2V01dSw0rd
I have a feeling that [Comprehensive Analysis], the shard that is the basis for AndrewDragon’s powers is comparing Dragon’s development, as a cooperative thing, to the thought processes baseline Shards have.

Very much a Reconfiguring, started by Lisa (represented by the Dream Taylor experienced, sneaking in to free it from shackleswhich reminds me of ‘Confusing things come in threesa crossover with Young Wizardry) of TrailblazerGundam psuedo-crossover)
5/20 c57 Armiture
I like how you implied how much of a badass Aster is by having the building shake during her battle with Allfather and Iron Rain. I wonder if Max is young enough to join the wards, considering how the guards treated him, I don't think they considered him to be an adult.

Thanks for the update.
5/18 c57 7Frosty Wolf
Max Anders as a hero? Very bold! Curious to see where he goes from here.
5/17 c57 8Ryo Oh Ki7
Love love love
5/15 c57 ArachnidHiveMind
Kaiser….a hero from the get go. I never thought I’d see the day. I do approve though.
5/11 c57 Guest
Looking forward to the next chapter
5/12 c57 LeoniLiponscovi2
Awesome fic!
5/12 c57 2Jack Inqu
Good to see that everyone made it through things all right, and that the a**hole behind it will also go down. I also love Taylor making sure that everyone is taken care of, physically and mentally, going forward.

Yeah, I can't really blame Andrea for being upset; thankfully, she was willing to listen to Taylor's logic and think things through instead of just lashing out.

Damn...between Taylor hopefully preventing the docks going under and Aster strangling Empire 88 in its metaphorical cradle, Brockton Bay is going to be a very different place in the future. I'm definitely curious to see what will become of Max.

Take care, good luck, stay safe, stay healthy, and I look forward to your next update.
5/12 c57 cameron1812
Every chapter a masterpiece. The Empire88 action is outstanding. Max as a hero? Love the idea!
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