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2/2/2015 c11 FairyTailF.T
I I live this fanfic soo much your killing me by making me wait. I have to get my mind off of this before I go crazy waiting for you to updat.
2/2/2015 c11 dianaloveanime
noooo natsu can't leave, awesome chapter !
2/1/2015 c11 Guest
I wish u will go on wit this story...its a nice fanfic...
2/1/2015 c11 zeebee
Omfg that was well uhm.. unexpected? haha. can I have my beanbag now? jk :)) please do continue to update the story, its really great actually... :))
2/1/2015 c11 6JellyBeanBubbles
NaLu feels!
Can't wait for your next update, will be slowly dying from suspense until then
1/25/2015 c10 lunarflareblu
I happen to be a master of the martial art accuratly called the Tickle too and beanbags roam freely in my room (my mom tripped over one in the front room so the are confined to my room for now ;C)
1/25/2015 c9 lunarflareblu
i applaude you, you have made me lagh in the wee hours of the morning in ye boring palace, the place where people invented falling asleep of boredom.
1/25/2015 c6 lunarflareblu
Snog? Olympus? You are my new best friend that i dont. even. know. watevsies xD
1/24/2015 c10 ProfessionalOtaku17
1/23/2015 c10 Guest
thanks :D
amazing chapter
yaar fairy tail ka 416 chapter dekha fairytail disband hogaya or natsu 1 saal kay liye lucy ko chor kur chula gaya ;( but your chapter really cheered me up
1/18/2015 c9 Guest
Glad to have you back up and writing! Awesome chapter!
1/18/2015 c9 fairylover22
hey there!
i love your story its amazing. cant wait for the next chapter
and i just wanted to say im happy happy there is an asian other then me. im not indian im a Pakistani (hope you dont think bad about me). i really wanted to be your friend but sadly my fanfic account is stuck and all my stories are lost.
seriously im itching for a new chapter. juldi update kurna intizaar nahi horaha ;)
1/17/2015 c9 dianaloveanime
I loved it, waited so long but it great can't wait for more
1/17/2015 c6 AnimeOnCookie
Oh no...
This can mean only one thing...
Operation kill Yukino is canceled!
Operation kill Lisanna is back up!

Let's all sing the "I HATE LISANNA" anthem!

Lisanna! Ugly whore that sleeps with your brother!
Lisanna! Elected as school whore!
Lisanna! Had plastic surgery!
Lisanna! Worst girlfriend ever!
Lisanna! Stole her sister's crush!

*Mirajane crying in background*

Let's all kill Lisanna!

*NaLu fans unite!*

*Huge wave of angry shippers magically appear out of nowhere*

*Huge wave of angry shippers gather at NaLu headquarters*

Fan #84, Lookout for any NaLi shippers!
Fan #109, Bomb the NaLi fans headquarters!
Fan #241, Track down all the NaLi shippers!
Sergeant Nashi, Kill Natsanna! (Natsu and Lisanna's daughter)

*At the Fairy Tail guild...
Makarov: Erza, hunt down all NaLi shippers!
Erza: Yes sir, anything for NaLu!

Gajeel and Levy: *Iron Pen unison raid*
Levy: Lucy-san's heart belongs to Natsu!
Gajeel: As much as i hate to admit this, Natsu deserves someone better than Lisanna.
Levy and Gajeel: We both ship NaLu!

*NaLi headquarters is destroyed by Jellal, Ultear, and Meredy*
Jellal: I sensed Zeref's black magic coming from the NaLi headquarters...
Meredy: *Sweatdrops* Thats because NaLi is forbidden love, duh!
Ultear: Who knows what could have happened if NaLi became canon!

*Several NaLi shippers killed by Gray and Juvia*
Gray: I might not like Natsu, but i don't want him to be with... *Shudders* L-Lisanna!
Juvia: *Mumbles* If love rival has Natsu, i'll have Gray all to myself!

*Gildarts kills Natsanna before Sergeant Nashi could*
Gildarts: Natsu is too good for Lisanna

*In the real world...

*Kid turns on TV*
"Anti-NaLi Spray!"
*Angry mob of NaLi fans pop out of nowhere*
*Gets out Anti-NaLi Spray*
*Sprays all over*
"It really works!"
*Millions of Anti-NaLi spray orders*

*ABC/NBC News...

Broadcaster: NaLi Infection is more dangerous than Ebola, keep your children away from NaLi Shippers, NaLi shippers spread the NaLi infection!
*People are hunting down NaLi shippers*

*In the anime world...

*Ichigo from Bleach starts attacking NaLi shippers for no reason*
Ichigo: Who cares about hollows! Let's aim for NaLi shippers instead!

*Sasuke and Naruto unite to beat NaLi shippers*
Naruto: I might hate this guy but i do love my NaLu!
Sasuke: What he said.

*Multiple other anime characters murdering NaLi shippers*

*One week later...

*The whole NaLi shippers population is extinct*
1/17/2015 c9 Guest
This so funny... You kill me. Its so different from all the other fanfictions of like a weal Lucy or they give her a superman amount of power.
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