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1/17/2015 c9 Guest
1/17/2015 c9 1MitzyWrites
OMG! Such a awesome/badass story, you have such a fan sensa humor!
1/17/2015 c9 LaserLevy111
hope you can update soon
1/17/2015 c3 AnimeOnCookie
I dislike Yukino
Yukino is the cockblocker
She's the obstacle blocking NaLu from being canon.
I apologize (NOT) if you needed Yukino in your story.
*Hides Yukino's Dead Body*
She... Erm, Died in a car accident! Hehe...
*Runs away with my bloody chainsaw*
9/21/2014 c9 Guest
So, I'm guessing you won't update this story before a long time ? Too sad, I really loved it , I really wish you had continue this story...
7/15/2014 c9 4bangyonggukie
7/10/2014 c9 1fairychime-diamond47
I love the way Lucy's so badass but you will give her a good day at school cause she just had a bad day w/ the dog. and to me right now she's the hero who gets shunned but the boys are so stubborn that I hate the denying part of them therefore making the boys hate Lucy. She's the straightforward person so don't blame it on her blame it on u stupid boys! :(
6/29/2014 c9 6PhWoMp
I am doing the same thing with one of my stories! I look forward to rereading it when you're done! Good luck!
6/29/2014 c9 ProfessionalOtaku17
What?! Is the plot going to be really different? I don't want to have to read each chapter all over again just because it's a bit different... Then again, your story is hilarious and I re-read everything then it would still be fun... Okay! I can't wait for you're new-and-improved story! -
6/29/2014 c9 3xXIceMakeGrayXx
I was so excited for a new chapter ;_;. But that's okay! Take your time, I'll still love this story. Update as soon as you can. - Katt
6/29/2014 c9 ana tabrizi
rewrite it as fast as you can!
6/18/2014 c8 6OtakuLover43
Update I hope u put more Natsu and the thing with Gray and Yukino soon I like her but it's kind of hard to see her mean and slutty but u make work so well but I hope u update soon
6/14/2014 c2 34lucyglitter11
Omg did I hear ROLU? Yes yes please I would LOVE to see Rogue hanging around here x-D
Oh I feel terrible for reviewing after so long and you've mentioned me here AAHHHH!

Indeed, Lucy Heartfilia you should be proud of yourself for doing that act of cleverness! :-P X-D Honestly, you rose a pretty good question...one which I've been wondering since long, Sleeping Beauty slept for like what- 100 years? Her dress was perfectly ironed, hair was in good shape and well, she looked good even after sleeping so long. I wish she would share her secret with us! :-P

Bah oh please Lucy, nobody is judging you cause everyone likes missing school! I think it's a good point that Lucy isn't adapted to her new life I mean how can anyone get adapted fast anyway! Haha yes I love father-daughter mushiness thanks Lucy X-D
HAHAHA "I went and roaming around like tank-top-with-dirty-shorts-in-desperate-need-for-clothes female" X-D

Wow that was amazing X-D Irresponsibility could be considered as a talent you know? And I can relate myself to Lucy cause I remember once I left the house keys hanging outside at the door once I was inside...well I was in a hurry okay? :-P

Oh god Gray! Sitting by the river doesn't make you a great nature lover! So back off :-P Seriously if I had a river outside my house, it would be in heaven...yeah that was lame I know. ;-P
Hahaha the description for Cana and Laxus is really amazing X-D

Hahahahaha omg "I'll save you the gory details. There was a missing limb though" X-DDD I laughed so hard! And then- "Detention for getting a cheap bag and not a Gucci bag" Where do you think of such jokes from!? X-D

Luna? Did he say Luna? That's like the reverse of NaLu! Okay, fine obviously NATSU doesn't know that when he said that...duh but well I was just trying to be positive :-P
HAHAHAHA god Lucy might have really killed him if she had a baseball bat X-D But seriously, Natsu stop you're just being cruel TO YOUR LIFE SAVER! I met, geez be a little more grateful!

Omg how can anyone say no to Gray for a ride? X-D
I still wonder why Adam would name his car Crab...oh well :-P I really like Zane he's really hilarious and kinda cute! X-D

Oh dear, poor Lucy :-P
6/11/2014 c8 4Ellie-016
Haha i love this story!
Well i can't wait to read more from ya
6/11/2014 c8 ProfessionalOtaku17
OMG Lucy's a writer in this story too! :D silly doggy, books are for humans!
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