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12/9/2014 c10 2avr1432
I hope that you find the inspiration to continue this marvelous story, know that there are people Reading but sometimes they dont have time or energy to review. I agree that this was not your Best chapter, not because it was badly written, which it wasnt, but because it seemed like a filler chapter that was a bit unnesecary...
I am sorry for the bad grammet in this review. I am writing it on my phone which I am in no Way good at. You should know that this is one of the Best alex rider fics i have read, and that I am confident in your writing abilities.
Have a very good Christmas and a happen new year : )
9/9/2014 c9 4LucyReywood
Wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff! A doctor who fan?
9/6/2014 c9 2avr1432
I still care greatly about this fic. and I am incredibly excited for Alex going back to school : )
9/6/2014 c9 27Empty Thoughts
I'm absolutely awful at guessing things. This chapter was short but sweet and full of important relationships. I liked it a lot.
9/6/2014 c8 Empty Thoughts
OH MY GOD I FORGOT TO READ THIS! I AM SO SO SORRY. I didnt even remember until you updated today. I feel so terrible!

What I really liked from this chapter was Ms. Young and Alex interacting. It's always interesting.
8/6/2014 c8 3yashendra2797
As usual, awesome. Keep up the good work, sorry for the late review. Update soon!
8/5/2014 c8 Fan
It's really really an amazing story!
8/4/2014 c8 Guest
the way you wrote both Sabina and Alex at the beginning, was kind of confusing at first, but I really like how you write Alex's feelings.
7/9/2014 c7 27Empty Thoughts
Oh no. I wonder where he's planning on going. When does he start school, again?

(I haven't replied to your PM yet, but I will, I swear. I've been a mixture of lazy and busy.)
7/9/2014 c7 3yashendra2797
omg. as usual, awesome chapter! so, when is alex starting school? update soon!
7/3/2014 c6 27Empty Thoughts
I like the style of this. It think it's interesting. I also really like the Sabrina and Alex relationship. It's great. I hope you get out of your funk and manage to update on time :)
7/3/2014 c6 2avr1432
I am really excited to read about Alex in school, I really like the way that you portray him and his personality after the whole ordeal he has been through and that you incorporate some of his old traits also. I love the whole thing you've got going on, and a thing I would like to see is perhaps Alex's reaction to doing a sport or karate or something because as of now he's mostly been doing mental exercise (studying) I feel as though Alex may also want to improve his strength physically, you know what they say Healthy body, Healthy mind. Anyway the therapist might suggest it? I don't know. Either way love the story and I can't wait to see what ideas you have got next : )
7/3/2014 c6 3yashendra2797
i don't know how you do it, this whole writing 5000 word chapters. I mean i have many stories of different fandoms planned out in my head. All of them are very large (around 400,000 words), but when i start writing them, i think so fast that i end up skipping paragraphs. its only when i re-read the chapter do i realise that none of it makes any sense. so, i think so slowly, that i am only able to write 1500 word chapters. And because i am thinking so slowly, i get bored and abandon the story. it really saddens me, because i love to write, talk and use words in any way possible. this is the sole reason why i haven't chosen english as my major for college (i have taken law, college starts on 28th). anyway, i just hope that you keep on writing, and don't abandon this story (like i did!).

Don't worry about people not liking your stuff. People are boring! i learned that the hard way after battling severe depression, insomnia and various other stuff for the past four years of my school life...

Once again, keep on writing, and best of luck!
6/22/2014 c5 4LucyReywood
Good fanfic! This last chapter is definitely the best. In England our school terms are different to yours September-December is term 1, January-April is term 2 and finally May-July is term 3 so we have our longest holiday when the weather is best!
6/21/2014 c5 27Empty Thoughts
Great chapter! Congrats on getting your drivers licence. You should probably get more sleep. Sleep is good.
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