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for Maria's Return

1/8 c1 reisova
Very good story
5/26/2020 c1 DropOfGoldenSun
I love this!
5/17/2020 c1 Clare
Wonderful fic! The return of Maria we all would have loved to see in the movie :D
2/14/2020 c1 22YesMadamePresident
Oh I love this
5/10/2018 c1 10bloomandgrow
Oh yes! I would have loved it if Elsa was off the scene early and it played out this way. I could never get why Georg was so weak to propose to her and to not even run after Maria to see if she was alright. So thank you for this wonderful fic!
6/20/2015 c1 15ThePoorDidntWantThisOne
Well this is adorable! I can't tell you how many times I've wondered what might have happened if he had just acted sensibly and never proposed to the baroness. Plus, kissing!

Loved it!
6/17/2015 c1 137rebecca-in-blue
Personally, I loved the Baroness and what she brought to the movie, but I think this puts in me in the minority among SoM fans. It was very interesting to see your take on having her out of the picture earlier on, and I really love how you seamlessly transitioned from the canon scene and dialogue of Maria's return into your AU scene. Wonderful work.
3/20/2015 c1 17Consti Grandchester
oh I love it! they are perfect together
7/29/2014 c1 2Agent Grace
5/13/2014 c1 33augiesannie
I can't imagine how I missed reviewing this, because really, I thought it was so well done, so clever. I could almost picture the scene in the movie! Thanks!
5/5/2014 c1 58gothicbutterfly95
Wow. This was beautiful and sweet and overall amazing. You somehow managed to convey all the beautiful emotions from the gazebo scene without them using the gazebo. Perfection
4/28/2014 c1 34lemacd
catching up on reviews... so sorry.

this is just pure sweet perfection. at first i thought that rendering the need for the gazebo nil was a mistake. no silhouette? no swooning music? no "maria, there isn't going to be a baroness" or "you can't marry someone when you're in love with someone else"? what is she thinking?!

but it occurred me... they can still use the gazebo. just... for other things. and like that, *boom* you're back to brilliant.
4/25/2014 c1 AOSSkye
Great oneshot
4/22/2014 c1 Guest
Awww cute. So wish there had been more Georg and Maria as a couple in the movie.
4/23/2014 c1 BrittanyLS
Absolutely brilliant!
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