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1/7 c28 WoollyLamb
I have so many thoughts on this story it's unreal. I adore the choice of final three and wow Leshawna, Beth, and Courtney are even better upon a second read. I love the choice of escapees as they feel very natural. I honestly don't mind that Geoff and Justin were essentially guaranteed to be the finalists, it was predictable but it worked. I also can't be too mad about Duncan escaping as it really wouldn't have worked with anyone else. I wasn't a fan of him (I don't like him as is in canon and the casual homophobia and being a dick certainly didn't help) and I actually was kind of rooting for him to get eliminated at every turn but he certainly had a similar run to how he is in canon lol. In this case though evading eliminations by pure luck and stuff like that actually has a satisfying payoff in his escape and it's very satisfying to see. Leshawna was great. She was a very strong competitor and I audibly swore when she outlined her plan for victory because I knew that would guarantee her death even further. I think her interactions were strong and her bond with Beth was great, and speaking of which Beth is one of the best characters of the story. She was in character, nice, and just generally a joy to read. I loved how she grew and I love her placement at 3rd. I think after Sierra all of the characters felt like real people in this situation and I loved Alejandro's usage too. Oh and Katie going insane was great even if I was like "Noooooo just talk to Justin he's not going to snitch :(" honestly I wish her, Heather, and Justin could have had an alliance but it was for the better. Sadie's treatment wasn't great honestly. It had its moments but it felt like the standard "oh Sadie is fat and uggo so she gets to be a pathetic afterthought while Katie gets to have depth outside of her" but I did like Sadie's brief feelings of inferiority and Katie's comforting of her. I ultimately think Katie was handled great. Part of the joy of this fic is there's so many points that if there had been a different decision made or if an event had gone differently it would have been completely different and had a domino effect. I adore that in a story and it lets me speculate upon what would have been different. It makes me feel like making a "what if?" take on different despair island moments. Also the life idols were a wonderful touch and such a good concept that honestly it feels like a similar fic without them might suffer for it. I like that there's more than one camper who gets to survive and it lets people get more invested in it as there's higher chances of different characters making it whether due to their craftiness or by chance. In fact I don't plan on making a fic with this premise (funny story I found this fic after I had gotten very motivated to write essentially the same plot) but I'd like to know if you'd be fine with people borrowing the life idol concept or making their own "what if" style takes on despair island? Very influential fic for my writing and it helped me get really into writing my own.
1/7 c7 WoollyLamb
I think this is where Despair Island starts to get good. Previously it's a bit of a mess tone-wise and it comes across as sort of amateurish. Cody was unbearable at first in a way that felt like a more interesting take on his wannabe tendencies would be a lot easier to get invested in. I admittedly did like him more as he became more tolerable and if he had been overzealous about seeming cool or insecure about being on an island with more buff popular guys I would probably have loved him. Gwen was nice at first but I didn't like her paranoia about Cody as she had plenty of reasons to suspect him considering the harassment he'd done previously. I'm aware he was steered wrong but that plot honestly makes early DI feel like I have to point out to people that it gets better after 7 chapters or so. With that out of the way I mostly have praise for the story after this point.
1/2 c22 AlphaYankee712
So how does heather die?
12/29/2021 c30 Guest
wow this was soo cool good job
10/23/2021 c1 8smexyking107
The Original Squid Game lmao
9/2/2021 c18 Mike Beansworth
My favorite got the most BRUTAL death imaginable, that’s gonna be engraved in my mind for a long while. 10/10, thanks’
8/26/2021 c29 Guest
I don’t wanna write too long of a review. I might. I loved this fanfic so much. I could go on and on about it, but I loved it. Characters felt so real and writing so good. Just..wow. I was actually shaking during the finale and couldn’t stop. Will read more of your other fanfics. Sorry for not reviewing more, my excuse is that I was too immersed in the story and wanted to continue so badly.
8/26/2021 c11 Mike Beansworth
Anyways 10/10 story would read again
8/24/2021 c30 Guest
I’m sorry man but killing off heather was the thing that made me stop liking the series although I do like the way it ended up a lot of characters deaths seemed rushed and unplanned. Katie and Sadie was a useless plot if you were going to kill Katie off and heather killing herself was a BIG stretch, while the story has some flaws I am able to enjoy this work
8/24/2021 c9 Guest
Ok, so I’m making a prediction here. I could be over thinking this and I could very have easily looked at the next chapter if I’m right, but here it goes.

In this chapter, we get a confessional from Lindsay. She says something along the lines of “I’m getting bad vibes from the fish team”

Now, this probably doesn’t mean much coming from her especially, but if it is something, my guess is that someone on Team Killer Bass took something from boney island, they cursed their whole team, and they will be getting voted out next episode and save Ezekiel’s ass.
8/22/2021 c12 Guest
What took you so long lol
8/8/2021 c5 Guest
Man wait until my I tell my friend about this.
6/22/2021 c22 1666-addicted-666
i read this amazing story years go. i came back to read this after rewatching the entirety of total drama the other day for the sake of nostalgia, and just remembered that i never figured out how heather truly died. i definitely still want to know.
6/7/2021 c20 Guest
Seriously, the canon challenge is so stupid, it’s not a bad place for Lindsay to go but still. The only way to lose is by
6/5/2021 c28 Charmander0172
It has been confirmed in an AMA on reddit that Heather actually died in her sleep shortly after her head injuries. Not wanting to be seen as doing a bad job after he cleared medically her he threw her body into the lake to make it seem as though she drowned herself.
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