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7h c22 brocknedjar
rereading this story is always a treat, and I would like to know heather’s fate if you please
PS please update will to live one day, love that too
3/1 c30 Dantelobster
God what a ride, this has to be the best yet most heart wrenching fic I've ever read.
3/1 c23 Dantelobster
I know this story is old but I really want to know what happened to heather- I made a account especially. Please PM me if you can!

This story is amazing
3/1 c22 Willow
Ugh I really wanna know what caused heather's death
2/27 c10 2Sishwill
Rip codmeister
2/11 c22 RedRoll
Yo, I know this story is mad old, but I wanna know how Heather really died. Think you could pm me and let me know?
12/17/2022 c22 Jestingset
So this is extremely late but is it possible I can find out about Heather’s death?
12/3/2022 c30 Daniel Chesterma
HOLY SHIT! This ENTIRE story is amazing, dude! This could not have been any better, and I hope we get to see a sequel of the Serbian mafia getting ratted out someday! Maybe from a UN Conference? I dunno, but anyways, this was a thrilling read, and I loved reading every chapter!
10/5/2022 c16 caelus
8/31/2022 c30 Xx
Queen predicted Squid Game
7/12/2022 c22 Guest
how'd heather die?
6/24/2022 c3 1Harold's Nuggets
Man that death was violent, but good fanfic dude
6/24/2022 c2 Harold's Nuggets
I died laughing at 10 bass took a seat, one was already in one, also great story
6/23/2022 c1 Harold's Nuggets
Banger fan-fic bro
5/28/2022 c30 caelusx
okay grabbed an account jsut for this, i did reviews as cae but this story drove me to get an account. thank you so much genuinely
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