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7/10/2014 c6 4ODST110
the story is fine, but you keep changing from saying faunus and fauna. its a bit interesting honestly, likely the spellcheck kept hitting the faunus and changing it to fauna though.

still a good story though
7/9/2014 c12 Sahqo Med Peytte
That was a really good ending. I am looking forward to whatever you write next.
7/6/2014 c11 1Little Snuggle
I... I hate you so much! Why?! The suspense, it's killing me slowly! Screw next week, I want it now!

Grr... This story is so good, why does it have to end? I swear, you will be the death of me someday. I- you- this- ugh... I jus... I'm just gonna say now, whatever the ending, I know it'll be good.

Oh, and also, could you reveal their ages in the last chapter? I mean, I know you said you never had an official age for them, but please, satisfy me -the viewer- and give them an age
6/29/2014 c10 Little Snuggle
This just gets better and better! I mean, rockets?! A bomb?! I can't stand this wait! And, yes, RWBY volume 2 is five days away! Can I get a woot-woot!

Ugh, this story, it pains me to know I have to wait for chapters. But the wait just makes it that much more exciting! Is Weiss gonna die?! Is Blake gonna die?! IS RUBY GONNA DIE?! IS YANG GOING TO EXPLODE!? I need to know! But don't tell me, I want to find out in the next chapter!
6/11/2014 c8 Little Snuggle
Woah, woah, woah, woah... Ruby's ten?! Is Yang twelve, then?! You just unloaded a clip of what-the-fuck on me, cause I'm so confused right now. Maybe you could make Ruby 12 and Yang 14... I mean, what do I know? I'm just a confused little girl.

But man, I love this story so much... Why does it have to end? What chapter do you think this will end at, 13, 16? Something way into the future...? Please make this last!

Aghk, and also, how old are Blake and Weiss? Did you say 6 earlier in the story?
5/29/2014 c6 Sahqo Med Peytte
Really great story so far. I like the interactions between Weiss and Blake. My only issue is that you keep using fauna. Faunus is both the singular and the plural. Other than that I really enjoy what you have written.
5/21/2014 c5 Little Snuggle
Kids can be so dang cruel! I love the idea of stuffing a grenade in Russel's mouth XD please, don't make us wait and update as soon as you can! I want to see if Weiss gets kidnapped or not! Or if Blake dies! Or if Ruby or Yang come save them! Oooooh, the possibilities! Please, please, pleeeeaaaase update soon!
5/15/2014 c4 Little Snuggle
Cliffhanger! I hate you! I hate you so much for this! I want mooooore! Give me a badass Weiss and badass Blake kickin' some baddie's ass! Ugh... I love the backstory to Myrtinaster and how Weiss got it. I also love battle scenes that happen in the chapter after a cliffhanger... But someone hasn't updated yet! You will be the death of me, Army of Grimm! You want to watch me suffer, dont'cha? Well you're doing a pretty good job of it! Update, please, please, please, update fast!
5/7/2014 c3 Little Snuggle
This is so cute! Gah, I'm gushing so hard right now at the amount of cuteness this has! I'm so glad you came up with a GOOD excuse for why Blake is able to sneak around Weiss' house so much instead of just saying "Your house is big and I was homeless, so I've been living here ever since in dark corners and closets." or some BS like that. I mean, just the sheer fact that Blake was watching over Weiss while she sleeps is so dang cute! I really, really, REALLY can't wait for chapter 4, 5, and so on! I want to see more cotten candy fluffy fluff-fluff in this WeissXBlake kid!AU!
4/30/2014 c2 3Wolf Gin
Well this certainly is cute. I expect more chappie's please!

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