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3/29/2020 c6 28QueenyLeAcH
Glad that you are doing well and are planning to continue the story!
5/4/2018 c4 22Rizza Harley
sighhh is this going to get continued? i hope so.
8/10/2017 c4 5Azurame Neve
QAQ, WHY?! This is such a nice plot, I still can't believe that Syaoran, no Tsubasa's clone is his own real twin. I was like 'woahhhh!?' In the middle of the night. Kinda woke my mom up by acccident too, got scolded for it.

So please update! I want to know more, I want to know what will happen next, and either Fai and Kurogane with accept Tsubasa as his own person instead.
10/24/2016 c4 9KaylinElemental15
omg, I love how you did a nice combination of the manga and anime for the cardcaptor sakura half. XD if I wasn't mad enough at Fei Wong (Wang? IDK so confusing), then I'm more than pissed off at him now...RAGE! to be honest, I didn't see it coming until Kurogane mentioned two kids running aroundhad to keep the outburst in since I'm currently in school XD) and it would be nice to know how on earth Yumao got Fai's magic out..:)
12/29/2015 c4 Nataly SkyPot
Muy bueno.
11/25/2015 c4 Diora XD
11/24/2015 c3 Diora XD
i ACTUALLY did a spittake at that last part - RIP apple juice
10/19/2015 c4 James Birdsong
Good two chapters.
8/3/2015 c4 1Lover of Emotions
that is good. update soon please.
7/2/2015 c4 HanaFariz
Great stories,looking foward for next chapter
2/3/2015 c4 12Esmereilda
and the plot thickens
2/3/2015 c4 1Ern Estine 13624
getting really good can't wait for more
1/30/2015 c3 1LILI.Namikaze
where's tsubasa's twin?with syaoran.. but seriously i don't like him anymore...hahaha... i thought u stop writing.. when are u planning to update?
1/30/2015 c3 22Rizza Harley
I thought it was Eriol.
But wait...
Fei Wang can't make clones?!
1/29/2015 c3 12Esmereilda
HAHAHA plot twist XD I certainly look forward to seeing what happens next and when u choose to introduce the guardians into this story
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