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6/25/2023 c1 iiNeo
This fic is Garbage
3/30/2021 c1 Car Junkie
Short but still loved it :)
3/15/2021 c1 Yikes
This was fucking terrible lmao. Genuinely fucking terrible.
4/24/2014 c1 AngelRainglow
Love Lord Voldemort and his Crucio's! heh, keep writing!
Interesting read so far! Keep writing I will keep reading!
I love writing myself. My writing skills were developed
greatly from an online writing game. Basically like
an entire community writing a book in real time chat.
Roleplay. Kind of improv writing. You play a character
and life life through that character. Can hunt, fish,
do combat, become a dragon, have a family, a city,
a profession of sorts. Kind of like dungeons and dragons
I guess without the dice! Has been around over 10 years.
If you want to check it out go to my profile page click the
link and click play now. If you create a character, PM me here
with the character's name so we can interact!

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