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for Beyond Reason

12/27/2014 c5 Guest
9/11/2014 c5 1LunarCatNinja
So far this is less Romance/Mystery and more Mystery/Hurt/Comfort/Slight Angst. I'm hoping that it won't get any darker, as I like the story so far with the exception of the Hurting/Slight Angst bits.
7/20/2014 c5 WriteWhatIWant
You are such a good author. This story is amazing so far. You have gone very well into detail with your fanfiction and made everything easy to understand despite it being a highly detailed story. Please continue writing and please update soon. Thank you for writing such an awesome story :)
6/30/2014 c5 20Hibary-Hiwatari
Funny thing is:
In the manga they really ARE reigned by the monarchy (no more spoilers).

And I love this. I... I just...

I don't know who you are, but I will find you and I will love you *-*!

Please update this soon. Please I beg you!

P.S.: I claim VENDETTA. Eren! Poor baby ;_;!
6/29/2014 c5 11Not so human anymore
Wait so he's blind? But he healed? Hmm.
6/8/2014 c4 HanakoNeko
Eren! T T *runs to hug* Levi please destroy those horrible people who did this to Eren. And thank you gor this chapter. :D
6/7/2014 c4 ReireiJester
Love the story so far
:D 3
6/7/2014 c4 1key46812
I love it! It sounds so interesting! Keep up the good work!

6/6/2014 c4 11Not so human anymore
Why don't you like the name. I think it fits.
6/6/2014 c4 10AugustInk
Im getting excited for this fic. Update soon please.
5/10/2014 c3 Not so human
This is really good. I don't find many stories like this. I really want to read more. Please update soon.
5/12/2014 c3 Pink Blood
How,I mean HOW has this only got 2 other reviews! This fic needs WAY more comments on how amazing it is! I love this fic! I wish for you to continue this fic and make many chapters! Also hope you update ASAP!
4/27/2014 c2 ReireiJester
Love it,
very interesting :D
4/25/2014 c1 5Lilypad125
Ooooh! I love the summary and prologue. Very intriguing and I am quite satisified with your writing style. I am curious to see what you come up with. I do like how you introduced Eren(?) And I hoped to see more.

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