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1/8/2005 c5 4Amalia Kensington
well, i read this fic on sarkgasm a long long time ago, and i'm jsut wondering if it's ever going to be updated.

that woudl be really nice cos this is so very intreging.


anyhoo, that's my little tidbit.


12/22/2004 c5 summersailing
wow. this is great! please tell me you are continuing it! please!
6/16/2004 c5 1majesticness
PLease update soon! That was great! hehe. Syd fanatising about Sark, and he just being a complete idiot, holding her hand. :D
3/20/2004 c5 21MonDieu666
I love syd and sark so i think your story rocks.
2/4/2004 c5 2rogue180
Write more!
11/27/2003 c5 3Cesium
Really cool fic. Is there more?
9/23/2003 c5 6Red Dragon10
Hello gabby silang...I very much enjoyed your story! However, I am hoping that this IS still a WIP and that you haven't given up on it? Cause I really want to know what'll happen! Please update! Good job on the writing..I myself find it very difficult to master present-tense, but you carry on well.
5/15/2003 c5 Courtney
Hell-o! Where's the update? This is a wonderful S/S piece, I beg you to continue!
4/5/2003 c5 6Diana3
I swear, Gabby, this desperately needs finishing :) I only say that because I love. Hee.
3/11/2003 c5 cardiac78
Good job so far. I'm totally into the story now. Make sure you write more soon.
3/6/2003 c1 ploy
Hurry up and update this u r killing me!
2/13/2003 c5 Beth
Awesome story! I just read it. Please update!
1/25/2003 c5 genna
it's really good so far, post the next chapters! It's soo good!
1/14/2003 c5 2redheadgrl
Please update! It's been so long.
1/8/2003 c4 redheadgrl
This may be the best S/S action, ever. I totally love this chapter.
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