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8/8/2015 c1 101Eraman
This is so cute. But a very random pairing I must say. How did you figure out to put those two together?
1/15/2015 c1 lampshadezz
hmmmmm... i never thought i'd read (or see) a fanfiction about those two as lovers. they actually suit each oter and would totally be cute together! XD btw, who's the seme and who's the uke? i have a feeling its rufus (liek one of those childish semes) but i can't be sure and it could actually be either...
8/26/2014 c1 orphanaccount012
I need to tell you that this fanfic has made me ship these two sooooooooooo hard! Thank you for showing me this amazing couple and how well these two actually go together. Also, you wrote this moment really well and made it realistic and believable. I love it!
8/1/2014 c1 Guest
It's beautiful, the world needs more Frufus!
6/3/2014 c1 31Staticy Fox Atra
What made you want to make a fanfic with these two. I think it's interesting.
5/31/2014 c1 2JasonTodd'sGirl42
AHHHH Thank you! I've been looking for a Rufus x Freed fic for awhile now! And your delivered nicely ;)

Thank you again for this lovely story 3
4/30/2014 c1 10UnisonFreed
4/27/2014 c1 67Eryiss
Aw, those two are so cute in this.

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