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for You Make Me So MAD

5/23/2014 c3 TashaRose
Very nice ending. {Smiles} A good set of ideas for what could have happened in-between.
5/4/2014 c3 Guest
Nock is not the correct spelling. It's knock. Besides that nice ending.
5/5/2014 c3 2Angels-heart1
Loved it!
5/4/2014 c3 sakura-blossom62
Ohhh and I am so happy that Emma has reconciled with Killian and was open to hear this side of the story and believes him. Especially since she also has finally accepted her feelings and has jsut gone for it. Loved it!
5/4/2014 c3 5alexandra.sarafolean
Loved it! As Jen said you don't have to kiss to be intimate :)
4/30/2014 c2 sakura-blossom62
I love that its Regina that is the one talking to Emma about having someone to love because, even though I never thought about it, they are quite similar in that fashion. As well as the fact that she should talk to Killian because they need to have everyone focused and ready for what is to come.
4/30/2014 c1 alexandra.sarafolean
Finally someone mature enough to see that Hook loves her...Emma was so harsh on him with that little talk they had, not to even say her parents.
4/30/2014 c2 Cutiekate8
Just so you know Regina's first loves name was Daniel.
4/30/2014 c2 22auzziewitch
Really enjoying this story

Side note, wasn't Daniel the name of Regina's lost love?
4/28/2014 c1 addicted
Love it please keep going and soon last night's episode killed me Dx
4/30/2014 c2 16Melody Lynn Kamiya
I can't wait till the next chapter!
4/28/2014 c1 sakura-blossom62
I like that you have Henry come forth with the whole running away information because Emma has to realize hat Hook was trying to do what he thought was best even if it really wasn't and he should have told her from the beginning. And I like that Henry points out how her reaction might affect Killian and how it would be smart for her to speak to him.
4/28/2014 c1 5Bemac
looking forward to more
4/28/2014 c1 2Cynn3Rose
Good start! I really, really hope we get more Captain Swan in the coming episodes.. Killian was doing it all to protect Henry. He's a good man..
4/28/2014 c1 2Angels-heart1
Loved it!

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