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for The Saiyans, Soul reapers and Arrancars

6/15/2014 c3 19Sabere Commander
Please... hurry then... less Broly loose what little patience he has and kicks you'r ass for being late...
5/13/2014 c3 Esaint Dracul
best of luck for your exams . Will be waiting for your stories.
5/13/2014 c2 Esaint Dracul
wow ! Its very unique and creative of you to make bankai of Saiyans. Nice job.
5/13/2014 c1 Esaint Dracul
your story is interesting . But don't u think Broly , and Trunks are way higher level than whole bleachverse ?
5/2/2014 c1 Fanfictions4ever
It confuses me but im so interested at the same time good work cant wait for chapter 2

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