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for hermione Goes Dark

12/4/2015 c3 mandalorian163
good! omgomgomgomg! i mean, reallyreally good, as in, fantablous.

5/7/2015 c3 izzyreads626
1st of all... "Goodbye and good health to you"? person, really? and then we have the horrible layout - aaaarrgggh! the pain! the pain! why do you hurt this poor little fanfic reader?! why me? why ME! - have something HAPPEN. and aren't l-s caves supa supa rare? and why da frik is mione force sen s? I know you might think it makes for a better fic, but me knowing that makes it WORSE. and, btw, who the flippin hell is your beta? lemme give him a PIECE OF MY MIND!
10/29/2014 c1 5Heaven Gliders7765
Here is my email.
9/1/2014 c3 24Midnight Lost
This is an interesting concept for a cross over. Many possibilities, and such.

However, there is no build up or explanation as to why Hermione is in the Star Wars world. Is she the same witch from Hogwarts or is this a different Hermione.

Please don't take this the wrong way, I encourage you to continue on into the next game, but add more detail, maybe some flashbacks as to why Hermione is there.

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