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for Courage is a Virtue - Temperance, Not So Much

1/9/2015 c1 2levicat
please please continue! can't wait for what to happen! great story btw :)
5/25/2014 c1 1Bloodgalore
This is funny!
5/18/2014 c1 28chicaalterego
Cute! I LOVE fics about the young knights of the 38th generatiins. I myself wrote one once. I hope to see more of Ceo.
5/1/2014 c1 Fandoom-strikes
sounds like it will be a good stoory !
I love how you write storms pov !
" I don't want to be gang raped " " now imagine a room full of fangrils " XD
made me laugh so hard !
can't wait for the next chap,
4/29/2014 c1 1AiRaine3
Poor Ceo, everyone is dumping all the work on him even at this age xD If the tutor isnt grisa or neo , i really cant imagine who else it could be xD Can't wait to read more!
4/29/2014 c1 Fhaystshilffe
Oh, how I love young Ceo fics! And both the original title and the one you used are great, ahaha.
Poor, poor boy, nobody's ever letting him rest... Such a cutie! I'm looking forward to his reaction to his new "tutor"! D
4/28/2014 c1 15100thAngel
Yay! I’m so glad you posted an LSK fic. It was really funny! You captured Ceo’s character perfectly (as well as his teacher’s, for that matter). It was a wonderful read, keep up the good work!

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