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7/10/2015 c6 7misminor
I could totally see this happening lol. Ne, ne, do you think you could write a Byakuran/OC one? Pretty please?
4/14/2015 c6 I see you see
Hahaha yeah Hibari is one tough hottie to write especially if you want to keep him in character. Out of your six chapters I really liked Spanner's that guy seriously doesn't get a lot of love . Can you do Basil, Fuuta, Giotto, and Enma please
6/9/2014 c6 19BlackMoonWhiteSky
Ahaha, it's okay. Sorry I picked such a difficult character- though I think you're right about the Xanxus thing, but I doubt he would even give this much choice. I kinda picture him shoving the ring on his woman's finger and informing her in no uncertain terms that she was going to be his wife, then going back to drinking whatever alcoholic beverage he was currently working on/throwing the bottle of said alcohol at Squalo's head. But maybe my mind is just weird like that... *sheepish laugh*
6/9/2014 c6 9Natsuki Sawada
I like your stories. It's so them. and can you do a Fong and Enma.
6/9/2014 c6 9BrokenAria
Awwwww that was adorable!

Hibari was really in character. I could seriously see him acting ths way. Epecially with not actually asking her.

Excited to see the next one!
Hope you update again soon
5/29/2014 c5 19BlackMoonWhiteSky
Okay, loved this just a bit. Favorite part is definitely the whole "This is our son- How?- Uh, shouldn't you know how the babymaking thing works by now?" Was funny. *grins*
5/29/2014 c4 BlackMoonWhiteSky
Gah, sadness. Again. But at least it's a kind of funny sadness.
5/19/2014 c5 15kakashiluckyblackcat
Ohhhh can you make a GOKUDERA for please!
5/19/2014 c4 9BrokenAria
I liked this one more than I thought I would.
Don't know why but I've never been much of a Bel fan, but I loved the dynamics between the three characters.
Even though I prefer the romance ones, I wouldn't mind seeing more friendship oneshots like this :)

(I know I already requested one for Ryohei, but I would also love to see a Fon oneshot if you can!)
5/19/2014 c3 BrokenAria
Heh this one was really adorable.
Kind of makes up for the heartache from the last chapter... kind of...
Really loved all of the characters in this one.
All of them were perfectly in character and played roles realistic to the canon.
So, kudos to you on that :)
5/19/2014 c2 BrokenAria
Why did you have to make this one so sad?
Damn, I went into this expecting something all fluffy, and BOOM, you hit me with this.
Still love it, but ouch you didn't have to completely snap my heartstrings...
5/19/2014 c1 BrokenAria
Just went back and reread this one.
I didn't think I'd like a ColonnelloxOC oneshot all that much, but this is actually really well done. It's exceptionally cute as well :)
5/19/2014 c5 BrokenAria
I'm so happy you wrote a Spanner one!
He's one of my favorite KHR characters and you rarely see people write about him anymore.
Thanks for the awesome chapter :)

(Also, I'd love to see a Ryohei oneshot if you can!)
5/13/2014 c1 19BlackMoonWhiteSky
Hah, this was so cute. I loved it. The Yamamoto one was sad though. *pouts* Hey, hey, do you think you could do a ten-years-later-Hibari/oc one? *makes puppy-dog eyes* Not sad though, please, I don't really like sad ones. If not, that's okay.
Um, anyways- would love to see more of these. *grins*

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