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for BA's Trilogy - Part 1: Mind over muscle

4/30/2017 c1 maclooping
Really Nice part 1 ! i like how you describe his childhood and the problems of racism in his town !
"life don't mean nothing unless you can hold your head up high ,scooter" it's totally somthing Mrs Baracus can say to his son !

And obviously the meet between Hannibal and BA are really cool ! i love when Hannibal say " you get into any more trouble andi'm going to write to your mama and let her know what her little boy is getting up over here !" poor BA ! he have no choise finally XD

let's go to read the part 2 ! goooo !
5/19/2014 c3 32LAGC
Well done. I really enjoyed the interplay between Hannibal and BA. Hannibal sure is a master manipulator with a true blue heart.
5/2/2014 c3 23SaraiEsq
Not a bad story. Would have like to see it more developed however. :-)

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