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8/26/2022 c19 Guest
Well, Harry is gay. So that's why he is so passive with the people who hurt. He wants to be abused more, it makes him feel like taking up the ass.
8/22/2022 c16 KB4RC
Damn I knew this would happen. Why do so many writers have to have slash in their stories? I scrolled past the Sirius and Remus slash moment, but now I am done. Good story up til now.
7/27/2022 c27 86AlyssaOtaku69
I wish I could of read the one where they had sex against the wall. I want a big bang like an aggressive sex round because they're wild and hot for each other.
7/27/2022 c26 AlyssaOtaku69
He always disappears so it would shock me if he got arrested.
7/25/2022 c1 AlyssaOtaku69
I must say I love Luna she is such a divine little cookie. Honestly, I teach and one of my students reminds me of her it kind of freaks me out now that I think about it.
5/22/2022 c10 1akshutalankar
I don't understand why people always want to read hard and fast lemons... like enjoy the beauty of love and closeness... I loved the way you characterized Wolfstar's love though!
3/31/2022 c39 wandamarie
good job on the story so far keep up the great work
3/31/2022 c39 wandamarie
loved it thank you for your time and talented on the story
3/31/2022 c38 wandamarie
wow getting good
3/31/2022 c37 wandamarie
thank you
3/31/2022 c36 wandamarie
nice job thanks
3/31/2022 c35 wandamarie
holly tomolly
3/31/2022 c34 wandamarie
thank you
3/31/2022 c33 wandamarie
holly tomolly getting good thanks
3/31/2022 c32 wandamarie
sweet job thanks
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