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5/30 c57 rarrarshark
Thank you for the chapter!
5/25 c57 CakePhoenixMeeks
I’m just getting Jealous!Lily vibes… (“Given enough time, I know you'll end up together, just like before and I'll be—gone, I'll be gone.”)

I understand that this might be very hard for Lily to come to terms with, but as someone who loves the idea of Azrael/Tom and Azrael’s character, I can’t help but feel annoyed with her. (The clingy mortal…)

I’m thinking, this seed of doubt/worry is one of the reasons why she resents Azrael so much. I mean, besides being an all-powerful-cryptic-sometimes-bastard, what other reasons could there be to give him such a cold, dismissive attitude? (It just screams: you can’t go near MY Tom and shouldn’t be involved in our lives!)

Honestly, they all should’ve acted a bit more grateful, considering the circumstances. I can’t help but feel like Tom, especially, often takes Azrael for granted.
5/16 c43 T.M.RiddleHawt
Fairly certain Babbity Rabbity was an Animagus.
5/14 c57 HRTG1027
Oh my god, Lily really just gave Harry a much needed vibe check, huh. Rancid vibes, Harry.
5/12 c57 3Natto'n'aliens
You delight, but actually, it is so sad that Lily and Azrael don't get along...
Please update soon, please please please!
5/9 c57 mickeysofine
Lily has some balls to question Harry's right when she's seeking asylum on his planet.

Sheer arrogance.
5/8 c57 1HadrianSlytherinPeverell
I hate Lily so much. Annoying. T x A love
5/7 c57 Cats
I know azreal isn’t the best and he isn’t always right, but honestly the way everyone treats him is sort of horrible. I understand why Lilly feels the way she does, and why tom feels the way he does, but it also feels like they’re constantly just steam rolling over azreal’s feelings. I kind of just want them to stop interacting with each other. Whatever is happening between them now seems so unhealthy. What’s the point of all the clinging if it’s obvious it’s just going to lead to hurt for all the parties. Tom and Lilly have each other but who does azreal have? I really want him to find somebody else.
5/6 c57 Guest
Love it!
5/6 c57 Guest101
Oh man, Azrael got scolded by Lily so bad. Seriously love their dynamic.
5/5 c57 12Lunarian
Lily is an ungrateful bitch here. They are being given an escape from the hell they created for themselves on earth, and she is being demanding and unpleasant to the one person helping them.
5/5 c57 Hans
Every time there's an update of this I'm reminded of how much I adore this story!
5/5 c57 ELinkA
Thank you so much!
5/5 c57 1buterflypuss
good chap
5/4 c57 Niisha
man, i dont even care about Azrael anymore, you somehow change my opinion and Lily/Tom is the ultimate ship (which is driving me crazy because the lacks of good fic) Now that i think about it, Lily Evans probably is the one that most similar to Tom, therefore their relationship is the most logical, healthy and in-character as it can be. Ive already dreaded the ending, I think i would cry when Lily's time come.
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