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8/13/2020 c54 PythonAnon
I got so excited when I saw the word October in my email notification! I love your updates! To be honest I'm considering finding stuff out about Naruto so I can read all the Minato Namikaze stuff since at the moment I know basically nothing about it jaja. As I follow you, I get notifications with every update even to stories I'm not following and many of those are related in one way or another to Naruto crossovers jaja. Anyway it's 5 am so you can rest assured that my sleeping pattern is still crap as it's been since my campus closed down in March but that's fun, right? WHO NEEDS SLEEP WHEN YOU HAVE WORDS TO READ? RIGHT? RIGHT? Pues just ignore the crazy person in the corner slowly losing what little sanity she ever possessed. It's fine. You're amazing. Your stories are amazing. Keep being fantabuleriously awesome
8/13/2020 c54 FroggyKitten
You're going to crush my heart aren't you... :(
8/13/2020 c54 AntaresBlackFerz
Loved it, thank you for brightening my day today! I hope we see Azrael soon. I wonder if he considers Harry his little sister
8/13/2020 c54 19fEmAleNoMad
Your writing has improved immensely, of course it was good to start with- the opening chapter of Lily and the Art is some of the best writing I’ve read, but this chapter was phenomenal. Especially the line, but that was not his world, he had only left its basement- or something like that, I don’t have the direct quote. I like how Regulus’s has gradually turned towards Tom’s side, even if it’s with a bit of Stockholm syndrome, and he might prove to be a useful ally. Also, I like that he’s a foil to his father in his ways of moving forward because he sees there’s no other option.

Also, I like how you’ve developed Tom and Albus’s professional relationship, cordial but still tense, I don’t think with their personalities they would ever have truly been close even on the same side

Who would have thought the Muggle studies professor would have importance in society! I guess if we move to a post statute world, wizards are going to have to adapt. I like that they had to comb over their old tests to find out what a camera is, or that Tom is actually a good teacher. I’m glad we’re getting back to Ubik. I was a bit skeptical of this sideplot into Tom’s fight with the Purebloods and his domestic life, but it’s a good bit of character work that is much needed and integral to the story. The whole novel has been about Tom’s journey- and it’s just fascinating how you’ve captured him as this complex and changing individual. You do write the best Tom Riddle characterization, perhaps he’s a bit too human compared to canon, but I like him this way.

Also, I do want to see where this goes with Potter trying to raid his house. Is it purely a political move or out of spite? Maybe they’ll find something interesting in the basement.

I like Tom’s relationship with his daughter, the fact that he still is paranoid about her death is enough of a motive to act drastically if the story requires it, but with Bella’s death, he’s eased off enough not to turn her into a child soldier. They have a nice dynamic, and I love the idea of him skirting the law through windless magic. I do want her to meet Azreal, who I assume is more or less changed from Uncle Death by this point in his characterization- I never imagined he’d care as much about humanity.

It’s interesting though that Azreal does care enough to keep ruling Ubik. He could leave at any time, but knows the citizens would panic. It shows he has this compassion still that he even felt he might have lost in those thousands of years wandering around. Is it because of Tom? By the way, I do hope eventually you let them interact more when the story dictates it. I can wait another five years, haha. I’ve been enjoying this ride and I will throughly support whatever decision you take with this epic
8/12/2020 c54 IWantSmartMCs
very ominous ending there. even without the author's note I'd be very excited about the next chapter.
8/12/2020 c54 ELinkA
Thank you!
8/12/2020 c54 4Perhentian
Thanks for this new chapter!
8/12/2020 c54 Apperatus
It's these little transitory chapters that really keep me invested. Just days in the life of a surreal family.
8/12/2020 c54 5Yatocat19
Lol I love that Reg and Tom have become somewhat friends even though he was stuck in the basement for awhile. I’m gonna guess that Harry is going into Huff or Raven, but idk I’d think it be funny if she got into Slytherin since she could pick on Malfoy. :D I’m excited for the story to go back into Hogwarts again
8/12/2020 c54 sensoray
Ahhh its so good! Great chapter! I'm glad to see Regulus and Tom interacting on good terms, he needs more friends. Man I love this story, its been awhile, I think i wanna reread it to experience it all again :D
8/12/2020 c54 DarkRavie
I really like this story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
8/4/2020 c53 PythonAnon
So I may have let my email inbox get wildly out of control - mainly due to not unsubscribing from the sites I was using to look for jobs once I'd gotten one, oops - and I CAN'T BELIEVE I MISSED THAT YOU UPDATED THIS! I'm so pleased with how you resolved things and I am super excited for the next update. Thank you thank you for updating what is one of my favorite stories on this site!
7/14/2020 c53 Eragon135790
great great great ff cant wait for the next chapter. PS: i hope lily is history soon so that it can finally be tom riddle/harry potter(azrael, death...)
7/14/2020 c32 Eragon135790
great great ff i hope in the future it will get back to tom riddle/harry potter(asrael, death...).
7/11/2020 c11 1roselover16
I think what I really find fascinating and different about this story is how Azrael/Harry influences Tom. In most stories like this Harry will argue or maybe try and persuade Tom into seeing things differently, and sometimes outright telling him what will happen. Here the way he influences him is not so straight forward he never leads him in a direction, its his very presence that provides an influence Tom's course. It's still Tom and his choices that lead to the divergent in his own path. I love how Azrael is never the direct cause but a variable in his life. I also love that Tom came to his own conclusions through his own way, true to his character and how disillusioned he became with the wizarding world.
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