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5/5 c57 ELinkA
Thank you so much!
5/5 c57 1buterflypuss
good chap
5/4 c57 Niisha
man, i dont even care about Azrael anymore, you somehow change my opinion and Lily/Tom is the ultimate ship (which is driving me crazy because the lacks of good fic) Now that i think about it, Lily Evans probably is the one that most similar to Tom, therefore their relationship is the most logical, healthy and in-character as it can be. Ive already dreaded the ending, I think i would cry when Lily's time come.
5/4 c57 DarkRavie
I really like this story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
5/4 c57 Apperatus
Always a delight to see this updated. I can't recall, what sort of old european look are we talking about here. West? East? Southern? Or is it some sort of homogeneous combination which is just vaguely 'ancient'?
5/4 c57 4Perhentian
Thank you very much for this new chapter!
4/29 c16 12broken5pieces
I feel like I have become so immersed in your fic that I forgot reality. I'm not sure if this is good, bad, or nothing. This story is even in my dreams now. I feel just as lost and purposeless as Tom but I still need to keep reading if only to give me a direction to hold onto.

It's so funny how just a few words and chapters can turn my whole world upside down. You're probably the only author who has ever made me feel like this. I'm not sure if I should say congratulations
4/29 c15 broken5pieces
Hey it's still awesome how much Tom managed to rattle McGonagall by being an apathetic asshole lol
4/29 c8 broken5pieces
—Power, he’d wanted to reply, to feel like death himself where nothing in the world could stop you and the pitiful people before you could only beg.—

Oh the irony in this sentence

— He looked tired, there were dark circles beneath his eyes, but even so he seemed more alive than Tom remembered.—

Again, such delicious irony
4/29 c10 broken5pieces
Poor Myrtle. Poor Hagrid. Both of their futures gone in such a tragic way.

Tom's depression and disillusionment of humanity in general got me in such a melancholy mood. It makes me so incredibly tired too
4/28 c6 broken5pieces
Hey Charlus, that's your grandson you are insulting
4/28 c4 broken5pieces
Is it a machine that destroys horcruxes or something? Hm. I'm probably entirely wrong lol
4/28 c3 broken5pieces
I never liked Blade Runner, but that's probably cause I read it when I was so young and I was lost in fairytales at that time and reading something so uncertain and mysterious like that made me feel uneasy. I only vaguely remember the movies.

As usual, your writing is beyond describable and you continue to amaze me with every word and detail
4/28 c2 Guest
Love love love it. It clearly deserves way more recognition. However, Dumbledore is such an asshole here, completely dismissing Tom, an eleven year old child like that is just cruel
4/16 c25 Guest
Erg... I loved this story, but I’m really just not feeling the Lily/Tom sorry...
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