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4/15 c56 SirchSidhe
And this is how Tom Riddle has destroyed the universe. Of course the ending would be Tom/Azrael - there will simply be no one left. I only wonder whether the collapse will happen already in this timeline, or whether Tom would be foolish enough to use the time machine a third time.

This is a fantastic story.
3/15 c56 Guest
Great job with this!
2/19 c56 mickeysofine
I feel like you could've just cut the last two chapters to bits and made a single chapter without the time travel and death.

It would be more consistent with how you'd written Tom.
The delaying he did last chapter was bizarre.
2/14 c31 1The Hidden Library
Did you just advertise one of your fanfics in this fanfic? Wait, no, never mind. I just remembered that "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" is an actual book.
But still, you have reminded me that I have yet to start reading it! Maybe after "October". . .

Anyway, great chapter, and I hope that Azrael shows up in the next one!
2/14 c30 The Hidden Library
I'm liking Lily/Tom, and under different circumstances, I would DEFINITELY ship-ship them, but I feel like they're only gonna be together for a limited amount of chapters. But still, I'll enjoy them, especially next chapter where Tom will be vaguely telling her about his horrendous past.
2/8 c28 The Hidden Library
THIS IS PERFECTION. Literally. This is just a great chapter, and I hope you enjoyed writing it!
2/8 c26 The Hidden Library
I can't wait for him to start teaching! I wonder what he'll do to the course. . .
2/8 c23 The Hidden Library
I hope that Tom and Azrael are still friends, but somehow I don't think it'll be that easy. . .
2/8 c22 The Hidden Library
Ohhhh. So this is how Tom is in the future without being a very old man! At least I think. I'll keep reading to find out.
2/8 c16 The Hidden Library
Ubik sounds amazing. I wonder how Azrael is dealing with everything. . .
2/5 c13 The Hidden Library
I just love that I can imagine Azrael's expression when Tom said "I was wrong". Absolutely hilarious!

I just love those two's intereactions!
2/5 c11 The Hidden Library

2/5 c10 The Hidden Library
This is amazing. I just love that lots of people got petrified, and the irony that MINERVA is the one to bring Hagrid to justice. Hahaha.

I honestly can't wait for more Azrael. I miss him. . .
2/5 c9 The Hidden Library
I can't wait to read who he kills!
1/30 c56 Guest
YEs yes yes yfdsoifjsdfjsdæ!
I love that there's something about the time-travel, and I love how Tom just did it without thinking - he was feeling, he wasn't rational. I hope everything is OK, and I hope we see more bonding with Harry and Harry :P
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