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5/8/2019 c44 Kynareth no Baka
5/8/2019 c37 Kynareth no Baka
You say you don't write romance, but while the body of the chapter is lacking the fluff most romance fanfics include, that final line "How can I be lonely? I have you." is perfectly romantic.
5/8/2019 c29 Kynareth no Baka
At some point I'mma have to go back and leave reviews on all of these chapters, but I'm a bit too hungry to do the big thinking right now so uh... just gonna say...

Time travel is rather hilarious, sometimes, in how it sets up situations like these. XD
5/8/2019 c44 fantasmaco
WTF...I kinda expected her death but still...

I wonder if Tom will be struck by apathy or age?

And Lily...will she blame Tom?

And will Tom try to turn back the time? Will he attack Harry?

I cannot wait for next chapter!
Curse you for this cliffhanger!

Kidding, love it and anxiously await next one!
5/7/2019 c44 Guest
5/6/2019 c44 King of the Souls
amazing chapter
5/6/2019 c44 HRTG1027
oh yikes
5/6/2019 c44 Guest
This is the second time I’m reading this chapter, the first was just too painful to process properly. Wow. Little Harry... just wow. I think the way you wrote this was perfect, short and to the point, because the action was the same, one second everything was fine, sorta, and then it all went to crap... That machine that Azrael made, was it a sort of time turner ? Can he somehow save little Harry ? I’m hoping so, but I’m guessing probably not. I’m usually a peaceable sort, but I think I would greatly enjoy Tom going berserk and killing all the racist bastards... What will Lilly do ? Will Dumbledore be making an appearance ? Will Azrael ? I can’t wait for your next chapter ! Thank you for writing such beautiful stories for us :) :) :)
5/5/2019 c44 Megatron'sPetDragon
Jesus was that ending a kick in the chest. Someone heard me audibly gasp from it. Did Azrael cause Tom's death to switch with his daughter's? Or was she killed while her father was "dead" by the other rioters?I don't even think I can handle the aftermath. Great chapter, lots of mental anguish on my part.
5/5/2019 c44 4So you want to be an Author
Nooooo! Well... now I'm kind of glad that we didn't get much fluff pieces between Harry and her father...
5/5/2019 c44 4Raeigh
Ooh I love this! I've been thinking for a while that the thing to push Tom into a quasi-Voldemort would be the death of his daughter. Really curious to see where you go with this. I figure he could go all ruthless revenge/freedom fighter, and the time travel hint you left was more to thwart Harry's backup plan, or he could go to Harry and ask for help to travel through time to save daughter-Harry. Can't wait to see either way! Thanks so much for writing!
5/5/2019 c44 omegazero2718
...I want to strangle you right now with everything I have, poor innocent Harry don't deserve any of this.
5/4/2019 c44 NothereNorthere
I had a feeling this was going to happen.
5/4/2019 c44 K
Oh man. Ball dropped. I greatly look forward to next chapter. Thanks for writing.
5/4/2019 c44 9AureliaAndMidnight
so I binge read this today.
I’m kind of in shock.
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