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1/29 c56 susushi896
wowww the characterizations of tom and little harry are so good. reading this made my heart painful in some kinda odd good way :”) LOVE IT and thank you for the chapter
1/29 c56 Hans
Love this story! I get so happy whenever there's an update. I can't wait to see how Tom and Lilly manage in their new home.
1/29 c56 heartlessgroom
Wow. I have been constantly anticipating and dreading this update. Waiting to see what happened and dreading that Tom would fail to go back in time a second time and prevent Harry's death. I'm glad he was able to do it in the end, but it looks like if Tom attempts to time travel once more everything is going to break. Hopefully he doesn't need to do it anymore.

Also, happy that Tom is like, "we are leaving right this second". No more messing around. It has finally gotten into his head that Britain is still dangerous and that he has something to lose. It's time to leave magical Britain to the dogs. Let them destroy themselves.

Next chapter should be interesting. I wonder what Azrael's reaction is going to be to the fact that this time James and Dumbledore were the ones that played a part in Harry's death. I doubt he will be happy with this revelation.
1/29 c56 Guest
thank you for the chapter! you haven’t lost me just yet :D
1/29 c56 Mernom
I hope there are consequences for jumping the second time, after the dire warning he got.
1/28 c56 PinklyNoted
Still here! Still enjoying. This may be my favorite of your stories, and I like all of them.
1/28 c56 1Rhea.Lament
Love this fic love love live
1/28 c56 lipasnape
No, not leaving this story. This is so different than any other Potterverse story I've ever read. You got me deep into this prolonged tragedy. I hope you will not stop writing it.
1/28 c56 1buterflypuss
Good chap
1/28 c56 5Njchrispatrick
I really enjoy this story and I look forward to seeing where it is going. For the most part I've stopped reading Harry Potter fanfics, as I've grown to find the books incredibly simplistic and childish, but your depiction of the world remains one of the two greatest I've ever read. I enjoy the poetry and philosophy laced within the words and your attention to the historical context of this world, including major factors such as the Holocaust but also smaller details such as the British colonization, which few of these stories properly mention. I admit to hesitancy at first when I learned about Lily's role but I've come to love it, particularly when Azrael is involved, and I am incredibly curious as to the direction it will go when they move to Ubik.

One bit of constructive criticism, though: Watch your commas. You have a slight tendency to make run-on sentences, something I think might stem from the more prose-esque nature of your writing, and it can make some parts a bit confusing or clunky.

On a personal interest note, if it isn't too much trouble, could you include or just give me a bit of detail on the way this iteration of WWII ended? As a German I wonder, for example, what Europe would look like if the war spontaneously ended-for example does Germany retain its pre-war borders? Does the simply "end" of the war mean changes like the annexation of Austria are still in place? Obviously the world knows about the Nazis and their attempted genocide, but apparently the war ended with both sides at their peak (1942 or so if I recall?) so it was before things like the largest wave of murders but after the attack on Poland to retake Danzig and things like that. If the Nazis were simply removed, what then? Germany hadn't yet been beaten to the point of surrender so if the Allies tried to force the relinquishment of culturally "German" Danzig or Austria, there would be more fighting; yet if the Nazis are gone, the desire to hold all of Poland-instead of just former German lands-wouldn't be as strong. So what do you think?
1/27 c56 ELinkA
Thank you!
1/27 c56 4adrian11
Is it just a meme now that Harry has to die?
1/27 c56 Guest
I love this chapter because it leaves me with the feeling that something is wrong- something, or someone, didn't come back right this time. Love it, excited for more!
1/27 c56 sktheiss
oh, wow, that was wrenching. Awesome chapter!
1/27 c56 DarkRavie
I really like this story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
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