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6/23 c53 Koshiiyuez
God, you make me want to see more of top harry bottom snape
6/21 c69 4LightWhisper89
So, just because you had to ask about Skeeter, it got me to thinking and I had to reread the whole story again. No mention of Skeeter in the whole story so far. Wow! Took me two days because I had to take my fur baby to the vet, so she needed a bath and the yard needed cut so I had some real life inference in there but I still love ya, Debs. You are one of my favorite writers and although I don't always review, I do always read. Have a great day!
6/21 c69 The American Witch
No, The Bug has not been mentioned once in this story and I'm always down for some Toad stomping. Love this story!
6/21 c69 clayva85
Hello Deb's,. I'm a very old fan of yours by the name. of Carol Layland. Do to many problems I have not been on the net for five years but I am back now. I am a retired English and literature teacher so while I am very pleased about this story I am just a little sad that I cannot review the chapters that I have just completed reading. The progress that you have made over the last five years is remarkable and very well done. you just have a couple of misspoken words. One I remember in particular was the word momentum. It struct me at reading that you me that that the word did not match what you actually meant but maybe I misinterpreted your actuall meaning. Carol Layland AKA clayva85 gmail
6/19 c69 Silverdragonstar
I did a review on Ao3 but found it easier to do a search of this story on FF. The only time the name Skeeter is in this story is this page. I did not find it anywhere else. (control F search)
Loved the last two chapters, even if Harry has his own reasons for helping Draco, and Tonks. I hope the magical leg responds well to her abilities.
Also need Skeeter to be gone, just not have any Dark person be to blame. As I said in the other review please have it look like Dumbls or Voldy did it lol. (prefer Dumbles.)
6/19 c69 17DS2010
Do like how Tonks realizes Dumbledore is not the savior people thought he was
6/18 c69 EchoCraft
Oh and before I forget you gave harry potter power on the Wizengamot and Severus to in chapter 28 and for the idea of forcing Skeeter into her water bottle form unable to turn back into a human some other Harry Potter stories make the idea concept work same thing for Umbridge in some stories just sealing away someone’s already existing magic is apparently a thing in the writers somehow make it work as a this exist for plot reasons type of thing with rarely any explanation of what type of magic this is how it came to be or how difficult it is to perform some magic most writers do that oh this magic exist purely because I say so type of thing no no contact whatsoever so I like to see you take a shot at this and actually explain it to
6/17 c69 EchoCraft
Skeeter and Umbridge are still alive and I want to see Skeeter be outed publicly as a liar and a fraud and after that Harry captures her and forces her into her water beetle form and where it proceeds from there is up to you and as for Umbridge I think it would be best if her crimes against children would be exposed because if she had harmed any pure blood children then the ministry of magic will be forced to intervene and those pure blood parents are going to be calling for blood, and if that doesn’t work then you can always have Harry bond her magic making her affectively a squab I think it’s the word and Force the non-magical world to deal with her prejudice ass I can imagine she’s not getting very far there.
6/17 c69 1mayawene
Thank you for this chapter
6/17 c69 KylieKyotie
I would love to see Umbridge get some well-aimed retribution for her treatment of children, creatures, and non-pure-blood magicals. She is such a despicable character and Harry has such excellent ways of applying appropriate payback. Duh duh huh : )
6/17 c69 1buterflypuss
good chap
6/17 c69 xXxOtAkU-444xXx
I like it a lot
6/17 c69 11Sagilemiel
Very good and interesting !
6/17 c69 4thephoenixandthedragon4ever
If the child could combine with Harry's Black blood, there could be a Vampire Metamorphigus. Wonder if Severus could make a Potion/Spell combo to give a child three biological parents.
6/17 c69 Aratherfluffyfatcat
Enjoying the story thanks.
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