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5/7 c33 GalaxyGirls
I got bad thoughts when I read about Hermione and the director. Very bad. I thought to myself that since Granger is so faithful to him and trusts him without a limit. Whether she would be able to get him into bed. This self-image of the outline of this is disgusting. Let's just implement this
4/27 c65 mlj11100
J'ai tout lu en 2 jours... Même, si la traduction Google est quelque fois difficile à comprendre. Maintenant j'attends la suite avec impatience.
J'adore ton histoire. Vite, vite que ce passe-t-il ensuite?
I love this story. Please post the next chapter soon
4/20 c65 Wurmalde
I really like this story, I would love to see it updated!
4/14 c65 SnyderSue
Oh nooooo I need an ending
4/9 c65 Guest
So, it's april. Hahaha
Please update again soon! This story is great
4/7 c65 Airiles'Malfoy
I love this story
3/25 c65 bloodwolfsfame
This fanfic is really good, thanks for writing!
3/21 c65 Kuroe17
Will there by a continuation please ?
3/18 c6 madulinharesbts13
hehehhe amando a reação do Sev
3/17 c65 xXxnarusasuxXx
The next chapter will be posted before the New Year and I won't make you wait so long again you have my word!

3/14 c61 12excessivelyperky
Yeah, sucks to be Lockhart, sucks even more now that he's been caught.


No great loss.
3/2 c60 excessivelyperky
Mmmm...Sirius wasn't totally innocent, but since he believed that killing Snivvy was a *good* thing, no doubt he only regretted his failure (as he did in canon). But Andromeda doesn't know that part.

But I'm glad Andromeda and Ted are warned (especially with their daughter maimed).

Yes, motorcycles are the bomb! (though I once had the fun experience of sitting in the back of a T-38 and being taught how to do a barrel roll. That was REALLY FUN).

Yeah, not feeling any sympathy for Lockhart here...
2/28 c65 peteanderica
Love please
2/24 c65 tamara.rebaza
Love the fic, waiting for your update
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