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for The Life Of a Tyrunt

6/9/2014 c1 Cipher Enigma
Good work keep it up
5/1/2014 c1 1FerretFlies
This is great! Since Tyrunt/Tyrantrum happens to be my favorite fossil Pokemon as well, I'm definitely having a great time reading this! XD When I played through Pokemon X, I knew I was going to have a Tyrunt/Tyrantrum on my side - turned out to be female, no less - so I'm very glad that you've made this. Thanks!

I can tell there was a lot of effort put into this chapter, and I'm quite excited for the next. The only thing I can think of that you could try is possibly expressing the different personalities of Rex and his siblings - the story has just begun so there's plenty of time for that. In this chapter alone, quite a bit has happened, and the constant action kept me addicted - the hatching, the hunting, the Amaura/Aruorus, the final fight. Then there were the calmer things like Terry getting grounded and the tutoring that were also nice to read. I really like how the mother has proven her deep love for her children, going as far as to die for them. Is it safe to assume that the scarred male Tyrantrum was the father, due to the familiarity? Either way, R.I.P., Terry and Mama Tyrantrum (Tessa as well if she, too, has passed on)

It's kinda interesting; I watched this anime called "Dinosaur King" once, and there were two characters in there that had the same names as Rex (a human boy with a bit of a background) and Terry (a t-rex). It's funny to see them pop up in the same fic - on fossil Pokemon, no less!

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